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dark psychedelic xmas


i had a very good trip this xmas, i got some mushrooms with my friends and waited to eat them late on the nigth after everybody finishes hangin with their families and shit, well the moment arrived and we made  some tea we actually made a lot of tea we never really payed any attention to how many shrooms we were going to eat, well my mom was at home and i was a bit nervous even tho shes cool and she knows i smoke marihuana and trip shrooms i was a bit concerned about that . the tea kicked really fast like 25 minutes after ingestion i started to feel really high then i set a mood with sum boards of canada music and sum of dali's artwork on my comp wallpaper. i was talkin shit with my friends and we were laughin a lot everythin was moving and breathing and out of nowhere i started to listen to one of my friends and all of my room changes like to a space like color i dont kno how to xplain it and my friends face turned into like a black square and words were coming out of there, it was really trippy. since my mom was on the house and my friends and me where laughing really loud and tallking loud i started to feel really paranoic my trip was getting really intense

i was smokin weed also, and suddenly my mom knocks on the door i was trippin hard but i decided to talk to her... dudes she was mad talkin shit i really coudnt understand her language and a lot of hair was coming out of her back and my dog started to grew a lot of hair also that was so fuckin scary i kinda freaked out and went back to my room, me and my friends decided to leave for a walk (they were trippin hard also). i was on kind of a bad trip or my trip was becoming a bad trip but after we left my house i really felt peace and my trip started to get stronger... we started walkin 1 hour and a half after ingestion.

everything was so colorful the street was weird and everyuthing seems geometrical i saw like a bunch of ppl celebrating and it was really funny haha. we decided to go to a ecological park  near my house but when we were on the way it started to rain a lot (i live in central america) it was weird cause i really could see the rain but i didnt felt wet i was really high (this part was very trippy). well we got the park in the rain and we took shelter under a hut in the park, it was really dark and i was getting a bit nervous out of nowhere there were trees with weird shapes moving and their branches tranformed into eyes i was hallucinating hard in this moment i felt like in some kind of cannibal shit so i could see like skulls and shamanic stuff everywhere it was really scary my friends where beyond high and most of them where not talking at all. the mood was getting too creppy so we dcided to walk again to look for some coca cola, i really like walkin on shrooms is like an adventure we walked a lot and it was so colorful i could see color so brigth like never in my life, then like 4 hours after the ingestion the sun was rising it was so trippy everything seemed so green even houses around, i could see flowers sprouting and shit it was beautiful, i was amazed really amazed since it was the first time shrooms kicked so hard on me, finally we made it to the supermarket like at 6:00am (we took the shrooms at 2:00am) i was coming down but eveything was really destorted. this was an awesome trip it had the perfect amount of fear and wonders.

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