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This was my first time and it was insane.

    So this was my first time trying this drug. It was such an experience and I'm so glad I did them. I do not smoke pot, so this was a complete mushroom trip. I didn't want to mix any other durgs with this experience. I took an 1/8 with a friend of mine. We smoked cigars, watched the sunset, and listened to Jimi Hendrx and Bob Marley. I first began to realize I wasn't sober when I examined the way I exhaled the smoke. This happened about 45 minutes after I ate them. The way the smoke exited my mouth was not that abnormal, but it was just very interesting. Everything began to be very interesting.

    The thing about this whole trip was that I did not have any major hallucinations. What I did experience was an intense body high and some major realizations. I ate about 14 stems, so my body high was intese. It kind of felt like my body was vibrating, yet at the same time I had formed untiy with the air. All matter formed into one. The world was just one living thing.

    One of the major parts of this trip was the realizations I had. One of them being about music. The way music sounded was beautiful. I was thinking about how all humans do is seek for pleasure of the five senses: sex, good food, some cool visuals like a movie or art, some people enjoy nice insence or candals, and music. But the power of music is way stonger than all the others. We have a world ran by sex driven pigs, but music takes over your body. I was thinking about how people have certain dances for different types of music. I then realized how people who dance in an already made up dance are just lying. For example: waltzing, skanking, crumping, ballroom dancing, ect... This is not what music is about. The way music sounded to me on this trip was insane. Black Sabbath was a band I listened to a lot that night. When the music entered my ear, it took over my body in different ways. As the music got louder and faster my body started to move more. The quiter and slower the music was, the slower I moved. It just comes to show the power of music and how it can completely take ones body over.
    There were so many realizations I was having at once, that during the trip I became speechless. My friends would try to talk to me, but I felt that there was waaaaay to much to say and I didn't know where to begin. But a major realization I had next to music, was how many liars there are in this world, and how greed and fear control the world. We stopped in a parking lot to hang out for a little bit, but in this parking lot was where I realized so much. I look to my left and there is a McDonalds. In this parking lot, it was packed with a bunch of nice cars and Hummer Limos. Then some girls came to hang out with us. I realized how places like McDonals are so fucked up for serving such disgusting food and advertising to children. Advertisments were something I thought about a lot. How everywhere we turn, there is a billboard or some sort of sign telling us to buy there merchandise. The advertisment will either show people really happy, or really safe because of their product. It comes to show how componies out there SCARE you into buying their shit. Shit that people think they need to make them happy. Same idea I had while looking at the nice cars. I mean, I would look at the car and think, "What kind of retard spends that much money on some stupid shit like that?" You could feed a fucking community of staving people for weeks with the amount of money some people spend on cars! And then with the females which came to hang out with a friend of mine came the realization of how sex driven everybody is. SEX BRINGS YOU NO WHERE! Ya sure, its fun, but it doesn't last. Nothing fun lasts.

     As I was coming down from my trip, I had a feeling that some people explain they get from exctacy. I had love for everyone and everything, but at the same time hated so much shit in this world. I came to realized how this world could be such a better place if people were to realize that material desires bring us nowhere. The desire for anything will bring on dissapointment. Another realization I had was that if everybody were to think of giving as a priority over recieving, nothing could go wrong. Humanity is one big human, and we individuals are the cells. And our cells are fighting against eachother. Humanity will therefore die if we don't bring forth change; meaning peace. And peace starts with the individual. There will never be world peace if there are individuals out there living for themselves and trying to get the most money they can. If everybody were to find there inner peace and love one another, this world would be a planet of love rather than a planet filled with fear, greed, and hate.

    These are the realizations I had on mushrooms. If you are reading this and you have never tried mushrooms before, make sure you are ready to do them. You will know when you are ready.

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