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Scary, but fun

Just last night I picked a flush and put it out to dry.

Just last night I picked a flush and put it out to dry. There wasnt that much there, maybe a good 7 grams dried and one fresh one weighing about 30 grams fresh. My two other friends came and got me and we went to my friends house...lets call him "R" and my other friend "J". We got there and split the whole sack, eating about 2-3 grams each.

We went out side to buy a sack of marijuana and smoke some joints to get things going, then decided to walk to another friends house till things got fun. We got there and watched T.V. for a while, walked back and smoked some more. All this time it had been alittle over an hour...maybe 80 minutes after eating. My friend kept asking if I was fealing anything, I was pretty high off the bud so Ide say "kinda"..but I know these mushrooms and I told him "eventually its gonna all hit you at once...you're gonna be praying to god you werent tripping so hard."

After laughing for a while and talking on the porch we started to feal it. I kept what seemed like blacking out, so Ide go inside to get some water...anything to make me feal normal and keep me from going insane. Once back Ide get bad vibes again and come up with something else like "Im gonna go downstairs and see if theres any more mushrooms." We all knew there wasnt but Ide go anyway. Eventually I decided it would be my best interest if I went home...I didnt want to make a scene. It was 9:45 so I went and said I had to be back by ten...the womens got something planned. Kinda odd thing to do seeing the car wouldnt start and my house is about a 45 minute walk away. So I told em lets just walk around...something to do.

As we were walking around is when it all hit me. We were no more than 3 houses away when they kicked a stick and thought they had dropped something. R asked me for my lighter so I gave it to him, and said "I left the mushrooms in your house" and went back. Everythgin was creeping me out. Like someone just through a glow stick in front of my face, I would just see streaks of color out of nowhere. Everthing looked like it had a little puddle of water over it and was rippling across the rooms. I forced myself to throw up.

I walked back down the street a little ways to my friends who were still looking on the ground with my lighter for something they didnt drop, and when I got up to them they gave up and we just started walking. My friend R who was in the back of me and J would just say weird shit like "LISTEN...HEY EVERYBODY LISTEN...ARE YOU LITENING?" We would say what and he would just come up with something like "I forgot what I was going to say". J would just say shit like "Everything I see lookes orange and green." I didnt say much because of how bad I wanted to be home.

We got down the street what seemed like a 30 minute walk, really only taking about 5 minutes, and they were just like "where are we going again"...I told em I was going home, I just wanted them to walk with for a little bit...you can go home now...so they decided to go back. My mouth was increadibly dry, but in my pocked I remembered I had a cap for a free coke (I dont bring money with me when I trip...its just not a good idea) so the whole way home the only thing that kept me sane was this god damn cap. I would just klench it in my sweaty hands, and occasionally throw it up in the air. I didnt do this much though because of the long green tracers it left behind...kinda creeped me out.

Eventually I got to the store, but it was closed...damn it. So I walked down the street a ways to another store. It was so increadibly bright in there...Ive never seen so many colors in my life. I got a coke and went to the checkstand. The lady rang it up and said "Seven cents"...I just looked at her with the most confused look on my face and didnt say anything for like five minutes...eventually saying "I have to pay seven cents for a free coke?!?!" I just didnt get it. I thought maybe she was just fuckin with me. She said "Oh I got it right here...its allright." Then gave me a recipt.

I walked into the bathroom to put some cold water on my face and to see how big my pupils were. Even though it was intensly bright in there...they were still big. The skin on my face morped around like liquid, and when I would move my hands to rub my face they would leave long tracers, with designs and patterns in the backround of the mirror, on the wall.

I left and walked the rest of the way home (like a 10 minute walk) and when I got there, I layed down and smoked another joint, thats when I started tripping out hard agian. This time I told myself Im fine, I just need to think of the good vibes and ride it out. I put on some music, layed back on the wall but still sitting on my water bed, and watched married with children. This was the most insane thing Ive ever seen, but I loved every minute of it, it was very, very trippy. Eventually the marijuana wore off and I began to get tired. I layed down completely and was out in no time.

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