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Andrew, LSD Trip Report

2 Tabs

Hey everyone, I'll do my best to make this as useful and interesting as possible but it's my first one so be forgiving haha. 

I'd tripped shrooms eleven times (up to 4 grams) when I decided to try acid... I figured I had a semi-legitimate amount of experience tripping so I could start out with two tabs. There were two other kids with me, so we took our tabs and set up the vaporizer and the XBox to kill time until it kicked in. It's a damn good thing we had that stuff because it took a half hour for me to even start feeling different... just kind of giggly, and I felt higher than I should've been for the amount I'd smoked. Forty-five minutes later and I still felt basically the same, so we were all getting a little nervous that our tabs had gotten wet or something. We watched this really cool thing called ZoomQuilt and that's when things started rolling...

We went upstairs and the visuals began, slowly. Things started to look 2D like in the ZoomQuilt, so we spent some time walking around my friend's apartment backwards (it made sense at the time, and may just make sense to you if you watch the ZoomQuilt next time you trip... haha). It was about here that we decided that what we got was legit, and we were actually tripping.

The visuals were completely different than shrooms... it's difficult to describe, but if i had to pick an adjective, it would be "more realistic". I felt much more in control of my trip than with shrooms, not just as far as my emotions and behavior went, but with the visuals, too. I could kind of tell things to do stuff and my eyes would make it that way. I became a bit overwhelmed... there was so much I wanted to do, closed-eye visuals (especially with music) were absolutely spectacular, the plant-like pattern on the kid's area rug was literally dancing... you know how it is if you've tripped shrooms. My favorite visuals? At one point certain tiles on his wall would hover above the rest in a sequence until gradually the tiles formed a pseudo-mosaic of an octopus. The other would have to be his marble counter. The varied colors of the marble would blend together to form stripes, which would merge with other colors in a chain to form striped snakes, until the entire counter looked like it was crawling with poisonous snakes. Sounds kinda unnerving, it was incredibly badass.

The cool thing was, if I wanted to jump back to reality, I could. However, if I wanted a powerful mindfuck, I could do that too. The best way to do this was to stare at patterned or partcularly interesting objects. My best example of this would be my friend's tan carpet. I started staring at it because it was kind of crawling and doing cool shit. I kept staring at it, my eyes got bored and started to glaze a little so the carpet began to get brighter... and brighter. Eventually it got so bright that it started to look hazy, and then it began to sway a bit like I had heat exhaustion. My mind became convinced through all these queues that I was in the middle of the desert for a few seconds. This realization startled me so much that I jumped a little out of the mindfuck and proudly declared "The floor is tan!" thinking that I was tripping so hard that this normally non-tan-colored carpet had turned tan. Then when I stepped back a bit more I realized that his floor had been tan the whole time and the LSD had just pulled a huge prank on my mind so I blurted, "Holy shit, the floor IS tan..." and fell over laughing.

Because it was my first time on LSD and there were other people there who were just as excited as I was, I didn't have much time to explore my mind like I do a lot with shrooms. Next time I'll do that and see what I come up with there, because that's the one thing I wish I'd done more of.

This is already starting to look more like a novel than a report, so I'll end it here. Needless to say, I had an amazing time. My only complaint is I was only really "tripping" for five hours or so. I'm definitely stepping it up to 3, possibly even 4 tabs next time.

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