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So Meaningful

Me and kyle and alex were in ..

First off, sorry about the puncuation in the story. I was pretty fucking high when I wrote this and still am. Ahaha. Anyways, this was my first shroom trip. Fucking marvelious.

Me and kyle and alex were in Nicholas Sharan Park. I bought a mini bong and me and kyle were takin hits of that. we were pretty fucked. he was trippin out and he even greeened out later. he was like all curled up in the corner and im like its shroom time! Then he really freaked and tryed to talk to me about dying on them. and im like fuck, your not going to do them. fuck it. i was doing little at a time. Tasted pretty bad. like salty, molded crackers. Then they tasted like sunflower seeds. lol. i was trying to calm kyle down. he was trippin really bad. and he only did weed lol. He kept on freaking out. and alex is scared of me doin shrooms. and im like alright, fuck this. i open the door and everything got brighter outside. The snow was so brighter but beautifal bright. and im like ok..i think its takin effect.i look to the side and i saw the walls start waving around like water waves. i didnt freak out, i just new well, i thought i new what to expect. the floor which was tiled by the urinal started spining into circles and shit . and im like alright guys. time to go lol. kyle kept on complaining so we went outside. there gettin picked up by alexes parents and im tripin on shrooms. there ditching me while im like this, i was pretty mad. but i never let it ruin my trip. i went to dylans house and thats when it really kicked in. things started changing colors a lil bit and things started moving. the shrooms made me have a feeling like iv never felt before in my life. i felt so happy and opened up to the world. i loved it. i asked if dylan was there and im like yo man..im on shrooms. and he is like really!? and im like ahha yeah man. so he let me in. and he told me to have a seat on the couch. his famiily was there. he told then i was on shrooms. then it hit me. the laughter. i have never in my life laughed so hard like this before. everything was makin me hallusinate. and it was just so funny!. my mind was so  warped and demented that i was travelling in my own mind there subjecsts and shit to look for. i was in my own mind traveling my thoughts.it was amazing. i even felt like what handicaped peoeple felt. its hard to explain. but my mind tricked me into thinking i was handicapped. and i was so fucked . it was hard to talk cuz it felt like my jaw had screws in so i coudlnt openn my mouth. me and dylan went to vickys house and he told everyone im on shrooms. they were all laughing and shit. suzy kept askign me what do you see shay? and i coudltn really talk so ya. lol.but when we got to vickys. i was so fucked up. the plants in the corners kept on growing really long across the room to me. then i thought to myself, everything is alive! and it was! nothing really talked. but everythign was moving. the tv, plants,floors, the couch, the table, the whole house! i loved it. i felt so at home. then shit got fucking intense. the vitamn c i took, clams down your trip. welll its kinda hard to drink, when your whole head goes parallezed and almost drown in the ornage juice. very diffacult. but i loved the taste. shit got so fucked up in my head. everything was alive and i coudlnt belive it! it was nuts!

This was the most amazing experiance of my life. I understand my self, the world and people in such a different and beautifal way and i know under stand life. it was the most beautifal,peaceful, meaningful and thoughtful experiance i have ever had. I had no idea how stong and capable your midn can be and how it can teach you so many things about everything.

When I got home... that was interesting. I saw deer then looekd like statues and started sinking into the ground. I got home, and my mom was bitching at me. I thought the effects where gone. but I still had some visuals and i was still slightly trippin. when she bitched at me, the whole room went bright and sparkly yellow and she had a green glowing outline across her whole body. I then kept seeing random circles coem and pass by her. lol. then it slowely faded away.

Man, before i took these things, i was so confused in my head about so much fucking shit. But then i too kthese small fungi things lol and now my mind isnt confused..it gave me answers...about friends, the world, about everything. im not confused anymore. and plus, it helped my mood so much, im so happy now. i will never forget this experiance. 

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