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my third time trippin out

Bored and had some shrooms on hand

Me and 5 other friends of mine each got 1/8th that we are planning on doing this saturday but last night I decided to take some. It was around 12:00 p.m. I took them and later that night I was sitting at my computer listening to music and what not, then all of a sudden I was having these mind blowing converastions with inanimate objects around my room. One of them was this Cheech bobble head, his head was doing the whole bobble thing and I was just talking with him. then there was this big ass bobcat sitting on my couch stareing at me and he was doing this for about an hour but I didnt really care. Walked around my room till 6:00 in the morning examining objects and talking to myself and cheech, walking down a dark hallway was weird as shit then so was taking a piss, felt like the force you get from a firehose coming out... cant wait till saturday!

Happy winter soltice everyone :D

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