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Best/worst experience

I'm an 18 year old college student from San Jose State, and this is my story of my trip.

I'm an 18 year old college student from San Jose State, and this is my story of my trip.
So this was my second time taking shrooms, i had a 1/16th of an ounce before, but nothing really happened it just made me really moody and i twitched alot.
I had been on this site a bunch of times to research anything and everything about shrooms.  The one thing that hindered me the most was knowing that people have died from shrooms. I'll tell you more as you read.
But recently I decided I wanted to get fucked up, so i bought an 1/8th of an ounce of shrooms for 30 bucks. I've always wanted to hallucinate, and salvia just doesn't cut it.  So I ate them, and damn do they taste like shit, really crunchy and really dry.  If you chew them with water and put them on the side of your mouth with the little taste buds, that kind of helps.  Well I waited about an hour and decided me, my friend Jason and my friend kyler would go down to the market and get some food.  As i was walking towards the market I started to feel the effects.  I looked up into the sky and it zoomed towards me (like in happy Gilmore when he hits the golf ball threw the course and the camera zooms threw the trees).  I got some candy and some ice tea and when we went to pay their was a picture of a snowman saying happy holidays, and i got entranced by an imaginary blob on the snowman and the woman behind the register immediately knew i was fucked up but luckily didn't say anything.  I noticed a wall on my floor which normally was black and white with the pictures of the beatles, and it was one of the most colorful things I'd ever seen, it was really really cool. I got back to my room and started eating and watching TV with my friends.  The food I was eating didn't have any taste at all and the tea i was drinking couldn't feel it going down my throat.  I felt like I never needed to eat again and food wouldn't never satisfy me.  The TV we were watching took on the funniest shapes, the people's faces on the TV would move like a lava lamp and the sound would coordinate perfectly. This was definitely the coolest experience I've ever had.  I guess my pupils where so dilated my eyes didn't have any white in them. Then like 6 more of my friends came over drunk and started kind of fucking with me and getting in my face. This is when things got totally worse.
After 5 minutes when they came in, I immediately threw up. Kept throwing up for what seemed like hours, probably only 20-30 minutes.  This was the worst feeling I've ever had before, I had this feeling in the back of my head that when i took shrooms their was a chance of a poisonous mushroom, which is true. But this idea quickly rushed to my head, and i was 100�ure i was dying.  Their were 9 people in my small dorm room just relaxing and talking about going to go see the new "I am legend" movie as I was throwing up, kinda sad how some people didnt really care.  I kept calling one of my friends, Big D, who I knew wouldn't fuck with me and he tried to calm me down and tell me I'd be okay, but by the way I felt, I was certain I was minutes from death.  Nobody would take me to the hospital and i cept saying 911. Yet nobody really cared.  Their were cops on our floor busting people on our side of the building for smoking weed in their room. So exit to the hospital would be really hard.  Well finally my roommate asked me if i cared about the consequences of going to the hospital like parents and cops.  But by the way I felt I just didn't want to die. Before i left the room i made sure to throw everything outa my pockets for some odd reason.  So we had to be sneaky as we left our room my friends made a wall for me so the cops wouldn't see me as i stumbled down the stairwell with one sandal on and eventually unknowingly kicking it off and leaving it behind.  I got on the elevator at the next floor with my Jason and Big D.  My other friend told me he was gonna go get his car and we waited for what seemed like an hour for the car got there, little did I know he was driving me to the hospital drunk. I was in the car for a while and kept chanting "9-1-1" and "hospital" and i guess i was getting really annoying from what i heard. I also kept saying my girlfriends name cause i was realizing all the important things in life I'd be missing if i died and all the people i'd be effecting. It really made me think why am i even doing drugs in the first place, if my life's great why am i risking it? I couldn't remember much about myself or who i was or where i lived or what I did.  Once we got to the hospital the nurse asked me who i was and i wrote out my name and the name of a street i used to live on. The nurse asked me my social security number which i luckily never memorized and didn't have any form of identification, which i luckily threw down on the ground before i left my dorm room. I went along with this made up b.s. story about how some guy put shrooms on my pizza.  There was an old guy in front of me as i got to the hospital who was having a heart attack...which was really humbling, sad, and eye opening, he had a legit reason for being there, i didn't. I was waiting in the hospital for a solid 2 hours no help came, but i started to sober up and realize i wasn't dying.  One of my friends friends came in the car ride and kept whispering things like "dude I'm loosing my buzz when are we gonna get more beer." And once we got to the hospital he found a wheel chair and wheeled his way around the waiting room like a total fucking idiot.  I sobered up and luckily just had to sign a paper that said the hospital was no longer responsible for me, then i was free to go. And my friend drove me home drunk also. haha. I'm really glad i had this experience my true friends like Big D who really cared about me and threw their whole night away just to take care of me.  And especially my friend Jason for being the only one who took responsibility to take me to the hospital when no one else would. And josh i guess for driving me even if he was drunk.
Overall a crazy ass night, that I will never forget and I'm really glad I was able to realize my true friends and that I don't need stupid drugs to enhance my life, because my life is amazing and im just so happy that i still have it.  Why risk everything i have going for me and not be able to see my family, friends, and girlfriend ever again. shrooms rating 9/10 for the beginning and 0/10 for the ending.

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