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fishy fish

first trip and report

I cant remeber what day or even when it was but it was a while ago. Me and my other friend ate like a 1/2 1/8 at a sober persons house. First thing we did was watch Finding Nemo. It was so great I would be like 2 inches from the screen saying how cool the colors were, but it got boring after like 5 minutes because we had a super good idea. FIND NEMO! So we walk super far across streets just tripping out about who would know we were boomin. On the way my friend went hysterical so I was like dude whats so funny? He said that lady said i was on drugs. So we finally make it to Petco after like 15 minutes of walking. And petco was crazy but we went straight to the fish section. You know how the fish tanks look liek they are tilting, well it was really weird. But our mission was successful we had found Nemo. And on our way back to our friends house we saw these guys who were hardcore wiggers and they talked to us but we were boomin so we were over it but they were pretty chill. Execpt my friend got tripped out by them because he thought they wanted to fight us. NO hallucinations or anything liek that didnt do enough.

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