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1st time tripping, came to the realization of what it really felt like

I'm one of those people that doesn't really believe something until I see it with my own eyes. I heard of trip stories from my friends but I truly didn't know until I ate an 3 and 1/2 grams of shrooms for my first time.  It was snowing outside and me and a bunch of kids were inside next to a fire smoking a bong when it occured to me this would be a perfect time to eat my shrooms. I was a little anxious and prob should've waited for a better time but I was blazed and wanted to trip.  Around 1:30 pm I ate every last crumb in the eight bag I sat down and took some more bong rips and waited.  About 25 minutes later I started to feel dizzy as I watched peoples faces. Peoples faces were leaving their outlines and they looked like Photo Booth( if you've ever seen it) with warped head shapes and bright colors. I remember staring at one kid and just laughing for no apparent reason. The logs in the fire looked like a face blowing fire.  My friend asked me if i wanted to go venturing into the snow. I didnt want to move but he forced me to get up. Outside was unreal. The snow  sparkled into light prisms as it fell and the leaves that werent covered by the snow had a distinct blotchy pattern that moved in a circular motion. I got into the passengers seat of my car wating for my friend. An hour had passed and everything had been good until a strange thing occured. I was alone in the car and staring into the rock wall next to a hill. Slowly, strange faces with teeth appeared between the cracks in the rock wall. They didnt scare me, but rather I just watched them. My friend got back and started the car and music and they dissapeared. I went over to my friends house with nothing planned and started to watch tv. I couldn't pay attention. All i know is that planet earth was showing and it was too intense, the time skipped rapidly through making it seem like it was in fast forward. Instead of tv i decided to go chill in his room and listen to some music. This was my high point of my trip. As i sat and listend to a beatles soundtrack i watched the tapestries and posters on his wall. Faces grew out of Bob Marley's dreads and beard and the alice in wonderland poster was indescribeable.  falling asleep was impossible i realized so instead i closed my eyes and watched the patters and what seemed to be 3-d flowers forming.  The music was so responsive. As songs changed,  so did my mood. when my eyes were open i felt as though life was a computer screen and i could choose where i wanted to go. We had to leave since his dad was coming home soon. I got up and walked outside into the dark. At the doorway in his garage it seemed to get smaller and smaller as i walked toward it and i remember him telling me i didnt have to duck. This is where the trip lost much of its happy feeling and instead took on a much deeper and somewhat depressing feel. I'm not sure how long it had been but it was dark so it must of been around 430. I got into a different car with two of my friends as we went for a drive. The whole ride I was thinking deeper than i had ever thought in my life. So many unforgotten epipanies. I was thinking about my own thoughts and analyzing everything.  I thought i had to pick up my dad from the airport at 6 so i was growing very nervous. I tried to close my eyes and calm myself down. I had no idea where i was going, all i wanted was to be somwhere warm under the covers. We stopped for food as my two friends left me in the car. I felt like an insecure 6 year old when they were gone and it seemed as though they were gone for ever. I couldnt eat even though i knew i was hungry. Lemonade tasted more sour than pure lemon and the texture of my candy bar tasted awful. They were about to drop me off when we got a call with a kid who had an open house. Right after this my dad called and said he was getting a ride. Both of these events lightened my mood back to happy and tranquil. We got to the open house around 7 or 730. the trip had worn off and i now just felt stoned. When i came down all i could think was, "wow thats what it's like." If i ever take them again I definitley want to be oustide on a sunny day, with nothing on my mind, a place to stay, and to be tripping with someone else, but overall they were amazing.


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