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First Solo Tryp

Authored by Way Friday, April 5th 2002 18:00 Substance: P.

Authored by Way

Friday, April 5th 2002


Substance: P. cubenesis taken shaken in 500mL of Florida style SunnyD =)

Dose: 50g wet

Set: I trypped last week with R and S. It was S's first time, so I took a small dose (for me, 4g's) so I could be the helper. Recreational doses always just wet my appetite, and since I just birthed some jars I have some fresh shrooms. R and I have also been interested in whether fresh shrooms produce more visuals than dried ones, so I will be attempting to gather some data on this. This will also be the first time I've ever trypped alone, so I look forward to this different experience.

Setting: My bedroom, which I am sequestering myself in. I have cleaned it beforehand.

Report: [9/3/02] Ok, so I am writing much after the fact. I will try to recall what I can of the experience. [T +0:00] I started the experience by sitting at my desk, reading the Tao Te Ching, listening to BWGen. I read for approximately 30-45 minutes, until my concentration wouldn’t hold up anymore. At this point I was also starting to notice stronger visuals in the beautifully illuminated book. I went to lie on my bed. My blanket felt wonderful lying on it. All the colors of my room were accentuated and I saw patterns throughout my room. I lied there for a short while just being. The phrase, “It’s difficult doing nothing,” came into my mind. I did find it difficult. I soon wanted my rebirth experience. I went out to the living and dutifully asked, even though I didn’t want to, if anyone needed to use the restroom first. Don’t worry; they all knew beforehand I was tripping. I went in and got into the tub for a bit. I don’t really remember what I thought in there now. When I got out I went back to my room. I felt very strongly and strangely at this point. I had my Mom bring be a bucket I could use to urinate it without leaving the room. I was clogged with snot. At some point I began to calm. I noticed my book “Gnosis” and it got the word implanted in my mind and it began repeating in a rhythm. I began “singing” some. This was my first introduction into shamanic singing. Eventually I came to sing “Om”. [T +~2:00] Sometime after this I decided to go the living room. I’m not sure why now, I think I was searching for something novel. I felt very disconnected from everything. From my pets, the other people, the things. I felt very numb and “turned off”. The television was on, but I had zero interest in it. I basically spent the last half of my trip in this doldrum state.

Summary: This was an interesting trip. This trip the “pleasant” portion came first and the “not as pleasant” portion came second. I prefer the other way around myself. It was however nice to have the “pleasant” portion during the peak for a change. The doldrums I believe were occasioned by my depression and tryping too often during this period of time. I didn't really noticed much difference in the quality of the visuals from the fresh shrooms vs. the dried.

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