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25 Mg

It was 10 o'clock. I've been looking for this shit forever..I found about 25 mg.

I took 2 hits, maybe 3 then i closed my eyes. I opened them up again and everyone in my house at that time was vanished, i looked up saw this hand. and he picked me up through my house, through the city. as I was looking down i could see the starry lights that shined before my eyes.. but I kept going up and  I arrived in outer space. I realized 2 seconds after I have been transported into another dimension.  in space it was nor hot nor cold, there was no weather. Then this hand sat me down on a slide which i took for about 3 hours (2min really) and I ended up at a Pad, just levitating off of nothing. so i sat down on it and started meditating becuase that was the right thing to do at the time. then these animals, things made of energy all around me just staring at me right in the eye. as diffrent patterns and shapes flash before me i close my eyes to hide them but it didn't work. there was just more fear. as I calmed down a levitating cat/pig it seemed like with its legs crossed like a buddha asked me a question. "Are you with us, or are you with them?" I calmly replied " I am with you." then the whole process rewinded and i landed right back on my couch.   everynight since then for about a month. I've had dreams with that same figure tellings me something diffrent everytime. 

If only I could understand him.

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