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white fluff

strongest acid

this was the last time i tripped on acid and was my 4th time, i had taken white fluffs 2 times before this but were not nearly as strong. me and my friend C got 2 tabs and he took one home with him and i took mine one night i was bored. i was sitting in the middle of the town i live in and dont feel anything for about 40 min, then it hit me. i was with a bunch of people chillin me and my friend c who bought the acid with me was rollin on e instead of the acid and i was trippin bawls. i went with my friend K C and 2 girls to C's house to smoke a bong, it was great i wasnt feelin the acid too strong yet about an hour and 20 min in. and then i get back to town and i went to go drink some beer at a table with this girl and a couple other kids, then everyone i was with disapeared and i went to the gas station to look for people. i called my friend H and he said he was having people over and that i could come over. this is when i started trippin face.

i was walking to his house and it was mad cold and dark out and the road to his house was all these trees and the moon was out, the moon was shining through the trees and all the trees were getting taller and taller around me and were like black trees and they looked like they were gonna attack me, so i ran up his driveway as fast as i could. i walk into H's house and there was a couple girls and like 4 dudes not the best ratio they were all playin beer pong. i sat down in a chair and it was like i couldnt use my body i couldnt feel it but if i tried to move my arms or legs i could. it felt like my brain was just floating. i was watching them play beer pong and i kept zoning out. things would look really far away and then zoom in. when they would shoot the ball was going so fast, i put on some techno the song acid bitch by accenter & three O. and it was fucking nuts i couldnt handle it. then the girls that were there kept asking me questions or something i wasnt really listening, and everyone was somewat annoying me but not really. so i told my friend i was on acid to hopefully let him kno i needed to not be annoyed and he just told everyone like 10 seconds after i told him. my friend J was like is it the white fluffs and i said yeh and he was like i fuckin love those things.

then the girls started telling me how bad acid was for me, and i was getting a sort of vibe of them being so lame except J cuz he knew what i was feeling cuz he took them with me once. so i went in the other room and lied down and the ceiling was coming down really slowly and i just jumped up and moved to the chair we call "red chair" it was one of those chairs than u push the lever and the footrest pops up. but i was sitting there playing halo 3 it was kinda boring. and then some girl walks in the room and was looking at me and was like you look like you cant control your body. and i was like holy shit you nailed that shit right on i dont feel my body. so then i sat outside and this is when shit was starting to get nuts. i put on some techno and staired at the trees and they were just growing all overr the place and the moons glow was all different colors. i went back inside chilled for a little watched them play beer pong. then i went out the back porch to smoke another ciggarette and whenever i would space out all the trees around me would grow bigger and bigger and w*ould never stop. then i looked away for a minute and the tree looked like a transformer that was black. so then i decided to walk to the gas station again which wasnt a good idea. i get there and i knew the girl who was working and she was crying about something and talking to this dude, and then the dude was like you wanna kno something that will chear you up. that kids on acid. and i was just sitting there like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the fuck is going on. and the girl looked at me and started laughing. i was tripping bawls as everyone does at this gas station cuz the weirdest shit always happens. so then i walked back to H's house and the song revolver came on by rage against the machine and the beggingin of that shit was freaking me the fuck out until the song started and then i was walking down this long road like rocking out trippin facelol. so i make it to this kids driveway and it looked just as scary as before so i ran, and if your familiar with halo3 when you respawn you see sqaures everywhere that cover everywhere you see then slowly disapear. i saw that shit  and then i saw cirlces everywhere that were full of like 4 different colors that were all moving and everywhere i looked there was thousands of them but they were see through sortof so i could see where i was walking slightly. i make it back inside and just lie down and pass out.


it was fun but the thing with acid trips is its so hard to explain and remember half the shit that happens but i did the best i could

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