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a new drug

first trip

okay, so after i had some weed laced with PCP one night, i figured out i couldn't smoke weed anymore. so i began looking for mushrooms. for years i searched. i dont know why it took so long, but it did. i came acrosss two ounces of amanitas one day, only to discover it was useless. i was at my friend's house the next day, told him about the dissapointment and he asked if i wanted more. at this, i knew they would be good. he tells me he's been holding onto them for a while. he doesnt eat shrooms anymore and asks if i would pay 25 an eigth. two days later i get the money and the shrooms. he tells me an hour long shpeil of what i needed to know and afterwords i was convinced i was ready for consumption. i get home about 3:00 in the morning and i eat half an eigth. 5 minutes later i wanted more so i eat another half eigth. i drank some orange juice to help the taste and for a boost. a bit later i began smiling for no apparent reason. then laughter. then i begin to realize that i am about to fry for the first time in my life. i then began to feel as if i can control the intensity of the trip some how. then i begin to feel hot and cold but no sweat or goosebumps. then i go to stand up and WHAMB!!! i am now frying for the first time and it's the most intense feeling i have had at that point in my life. my uncle's face becomes very interesting to me, and he looks at me out of the corner of his eye and kinda smirks a chuckle. i then put a cd in the stereo by two brothers in sweden who are trance DJs. as the music begins to increase with intensity, so do the visuals. the carpet becomes sand that is running away from me and the walls are beginning to breath as if beckoning for attention. now the music is so intense, collors of all shapes and sizes are coming from the speakers. bright neon colors in the shape of musical notes, creatures of small, are floating up to the ceiling. a giant spotted mushroom rises out of the stereo and covers the entertainment center as if protecting it from impurities.  i then close my eyes, hang my head to the ground and face the back of the room. at this very same time, WITH ANOTHER SET OF EYES, IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, i see the outline of a door made of fire, in a spot that in reality, no door existed. i then began to dance around the room as if nobody was there but me. i don't remember what happened next, except waking up the next day feeling very stoned. since then, ive eaten many mushrooms, and when i get back home, i'm going to eat 1/4 ounce. i want to travel uncharted dimensions. thak you for reading this. if anybody wants feel free to send a freind request or message. i'm not too sure how this site works yet, but i'm slowly learning. thank you for your time.


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