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Fruity first time!


My two best friends and I spent alot of time experimenting with different things for about a year and a half before this. We always wanted to try some type of hallucinogenic drug together. They always talked about doing acid or something but that sounded scary to me because I heard alot of bad stories about it. I suggested shrooms because for they didnt seem as dangerous to me, i read that they were less toxic than aspirin. We wanted to try them for a while but could never get our hands on them. My one friend, Zack, was hanging out with this one Jared kid who really wanted to hook up with him ( I Forgot to mention that they were gay but thats not important). Jared knew this one guy who hooked us up with like a gram and 1/2 of ground shrooms. we had that plus two caps and two stems. From what we had heard about getting high off  mushooms that didnt seem like enought to get the three of us high. So Jared's dealer told us if we smoked weed it should intensify the high. Plus the guy we got the unground mushrooms from talked them up alot saying it was enough because they were realy potent shrooms. We were stoked cus we had wanted to try them for months.

    So we each ate our share then smoked a couple bowls. (throughout the trip we smoked weed pretty regularly) mostly i just felt high but it slowly but surely intensified until i felt a feeling of supersensitivity. Things that normally wouldnt phase me were more noticeable. I felt warm and happy. When it was first starting I couldnt stop saying "I feel so happy!" "This is the happiest ive ever felt" "Nothing could make me sad!"

We were watching comedy central and the roast of flavor flav was on. It was hysterical! One comedian, Lisa Lampinelli was on and she made me laugh so hard, I kept saying "Shes tickling me!" The laughter literally made me feel like I was being tickled. After that i was listening to Cody's Ipod and he hed that 50 cent song "Ayo Technology" and it was the first time I had heard it and listening to it i felt like i was in another world. If youve ever heard the song you know it has a pretty complex beat to it. That plus shrooms made it seem "three dimesional". I also compared that to being tickled, feeling like the music was tickling my ears. I could feel the sensation from the side of my face all the way down to my leg.

I didnt really feel any of the stuff I was looking foreward to like the breathing objects or bright colors but I wasnt disapointed because the whole time I felt so happy and so apreciative of life. All I could focus on were the positive things in life like love, laughter, happiness, friendship. I would spend long periods of time reminicing on good memories.

The only thing I didnt like was how much time we spent sitting still. I think that might have just been laziness from the weed. We had so much desire to go have fun but wouldnt get off our asses. We kept saying "lets go explore! Lets go somewhere! here! there!" and we genuinely wanted to go do these things but something else would distract us and we would never make it. The mixture of munchies and the new appreciation for the simplest things in life made food seem heavenly. I ate an apple from Zack's refigreator and it was, to me, the best apple ever. We decided we were really hungry and had to walk to the store. I think it was like two thirty am at that point. We walked there and bought some candy bars and pizza. The walk alone was an experience like no other walk I had had before. Everything around me seemed so big.

When we got back I decided it was time to go to sleep because I had work the next morning and needed sleep. I layed awake unable to fall asleep for a good hour and a half. I was too busy enjoying the feeling of my blanket on skin and feeling happy. I was a little worried, however, that my happiness would end. I couldnt help thinking that if I could feel such and intense happiness, one steer in the direction of sadness or fear could bring on a bad trip. I tried to keep thinkng happy thouhts but I was unable to trust my own mind, fearing its capabilities of imagination. I was literally afraid of fear. It wasnt too bad though, i managed to fall asleep before I let my self think too much.

Thanks for reading my story!


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