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A dream?

My first time doing shrooms.....

This was my first time doing mushrooms, I was over at my cousins house for a sleep over.  His parents pass out when they go to sleep and their house is very large with very thick walls.  We did an experiment, to see if playing guitar hero on loud would carry upstairs.  It didn't :)  .  We felt safe in the knowlege that we would be left alone.  We were supposed to have another friend come over and eat these with us, but he couldn't make it so we split his share....Big mistake....

We both ate about 5-6 stems and 5-6 caps each, we wern't sure about the strength of the shrooms but he wanted me to get high on my first try.  We were going to go smoke some weed because we thought we had around 45 minutes atleast till it started hitting us, wrong.  It took only 5-10 minutes, it was crazy!  The grain textured tiles on the floor became 3D and everything started to change color.  But I started to feel really guilty, should I have done this? Im only 15......  But then it passed.. Hahahahaha!  It was a side effect....

Anyways...  So we took them at about 12:00, and they started to work at about 12:10.  Me and my cousin sat by his computer... Staring at his screen saver of a beach and listening to some music.... We did that for about.... An hour and a half, and it was incredable!  I felt so good, and my cousin kept saying all kinds of funny stuff.... We had to supress our laughter because he was getting slightly parinoid.  I told him, if someone comes down those stairs and sees us, all they will see is two gigling retards, and we burst out laughing... Slowly we moved back to his room to see if we could go to sleep, It had only been about two hours now and it was not over.  We both did fall asleep, I did too... I think....

I had a dream where I was gonig to be lost in my mind if I couldnt end the trip,  I needed to complete actions from that night and other that I didn't feel I did right...  All I know was that I had flashes of a dream that felt so real... Nocking off a pop form his dresser and getting the bottem of my pants all wet.. Lying on the guestroom bed.. Staring at his computer screen that osmehow turned on...  All I know is that in my "dream" my wrist started to hurt and when I was "dreaming" I was trying to re-do things I had done in my life.

I woke up in the morning with my cousin almost wide awake constantly looking at me... I looked at my watch to check the time and saw that it was gone.  He explained to me that last night a flipped out and walked around, hitting things and making weird hand gestures and talknig to myself, I looked at my pants and saw that near the bottem it was still wet....  He told me he had to physicaly restrain me, he held onto my right wrist....  I talked about all kinds of obscure things to him, things I wont put here, and that I was constantly checking my watch, he had to take it off.  He thought that I had, had a bad reaction to the mushrooms, that I might have had a Schizophrenic background... It seems it wasn't the case thank God.

All I know is that it was one of the craziest nights of my life.... I had a good time with my cousin even if I did give him a good scare... He sayes hes not going to do mushies again... But if he does, ill be there to do em with him.... With a lower dose... And maybe with bed restraints! xD

It was a hell'uva night!

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