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Second trip was heavanly..

"Eat one gram of this and you will trip harder than acid"

"Eat one gram of this and you will trip harder than acid"
that is what my dealer told me when i asked him if he had any shrooms. I did not beleive it, but he has never lied to me about potency (with weed and shrooms).
me and my friend each bought about 1.2 grams and walked over to a friends house. when we arrived we ate them in her backyard and chilled for awhile. After about 25min, we went into the computer room and thats where it all started. floors were different colors, walls were breathing, the ceiling was like a calidacope (sp?).
We had to leave our friends house and walk all the way home which is about 5 miles. On the walk home everything was amazing looking and when i was walking it felt like i was on a people mover, it was awesome.

The trip lasted about 3 1/2 hours and no i did not trip harder than acid, but it was dffinately a highlight of my life.

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