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Halloween 2007

4 grams, 2 different species, and a halloween night

well it all started with me hanging with sum friends , we met up at mcdonlads and i went to a party store before and got a mask. we then went to my friends house and i went up stairs to "talk" with his brother and he sold me 2 grams of shrooms i wasnt sure on the species but they had dark brown stalks and red caps they were really small and clustered together (if anyone could tell me the name of those that would be great). i walked alittle bit outside and couldnt wait any longer because me and my friend wanted to do it at the same time, but i just got tired of waiting ...=]

so i began the night with a level one not to much fun, alittle laughter here and there not much visually at least not worth mentioning. well my friends met up with me and he bought sum shrooms and he ate 2 grams also even though he bought 4 (its more fun shrooming with a friend if ur at the same level) and he seemed to be at level 5 or sumthing everyone though that he was faking it ...buzz kill haha oh well

i got back to my house it was dark now i didnt have a watch so i wasnt sure wat the time was, and i hugn out with my older brother for a bit and sence it was halloween  he decided to give me 2 grams (cubenis) so i dont know exactly where he got those but....holy shit  thats all i got to say about those haha

well i walked back to my friends house and he had abunch of people over, who where all passing a pipe with sum white widow, highs, and i think sumbody brought mids. anyways i hit the white widow acouple times and sat down on this little wooden wall , all the sudden i felt stinging and itching all over my legs and back and arms. awshit! i thoght they were ants but when i looked at my arms , legs exc. there was nothing there not even on the wood i was sitting on. well me and my other friend where bored and he was on probation so he couldnt smoke with the rest of us and so we left to go on our "trip". well we started walking down a busy road and i had a gram of weed on me , and i began to see faces in the sidewalk nad i looked ahead and the sidewalk was doing the worm but as it got closer it straightened out. and then i looked at the cars... oh ...my...god.... every single car was painted like a cop and had the flashing lights on top. a mini van passed it had police on the side and black and white paint just like a pig and the ligthts on top...then an 18 wheeler passed it had police written on it to and flashing lights on top. a jeep, an SUV, a hybrid, everysingle car was a cop! i was freaking out the weed was now in my palm i kept looking for a place to ditch it so i threw it in sum bushes. haha maybe its just me but i think thats a hallucination.

i got to my house again me and my friend where chillin in my room trippin, and i looked at the clock 8:00 , for sum reason i freaked out and said my mom was about to be home so my friend left and i was sitting in my room all the ligths off except for this one paper lamp shaped like a star. i laided down in my bed and got in the fetal position. i closed my eyes and there was a kolidescope underneath my eyelids the designs where unexplainable, 3-D , orgasmic, awsomeness, haha. then i opened my eyes and i didnt see the wall i was looking at before, i saw myself in the position i was sitting in and i moved my arm and i saw my self move my arm, it was like i was another person watching somebody else lay there. so i shook my head cause it was freaking me out and i was back to normal...well still shrooming like crazy but 1st person again. it seemed like 12 hours since my friend left , i looked at the clock 8:11... i got really confused. so i went to my parents bed room cause they had a bigger bed and i thought it was logical at the time haha. and i watched tv which seemed like 5 hours , i looked at the clock 8:13. i got frustated. so i went back to my room and put on sum music and stared at my cieling , crazy designs and such my cieling was morphing and looked like it was getting closer but i blinked and went back to normal and started coming closer again , and this went on for what seemed like 10 hours or sumthing, i looked at the clock 8:48. then i went to the bathroom and the toilet freaked me out cause it was very loud when i flushed. i whent back in my room 8:58 i was happy because time seemed to be moving normally now. then i stared at my walled and watched the crazy designs some more and got bored with then and looked at the clock 9:13 . awsome! time isnt fucked up! well i started doing random shit in my room that entertained me and then looked at the clock again....8:36 i freaked out , i thought god was fuckign with me moving me back in time just to piss me off, so i paced in my room for hours then looked at the clock again... 8:59 again did random shit and paced...8:03 i began getting freaked out and angry i wanted this to end already so i stared to draw i dotn know wat happened to those pictures and i dont rememebr wat they were just that i was drawing . looked at the clock 9:18, i looked outside my room and there was people i didnt reconize, i guess they were my brothers friends i dont know , well i decied to get in the fetal position in my bed again and see if i could see myself again . i didnt see myself agian but i did see the unexplainable designs again . i looked at the clock and it was 8:51 i decied to ignore the time now because all it did was piss me off. so i just turned on sum music (1200 micrograms) and tripped to sleep

i dont know if this would b considered level 3 i think it was half way between level 3 and 4 but it was a crazy night and the halloween decorations didnt trip me out as i thought they would...but going backword and forword in time was the trippiest part and the cop cars... still i had fun that was my fourth time shrooming and it was one of my craziest times for sure

i highly recomend shrooms to everybody , u have to at least do it once in your life, if u have enough it can be life changing like me i was diagnosed with depression and was taking prozac so i would stop considering suicide as an option. since my secound shroom trip i stoppped taking my prozac and i've been happier ever since , shrooms are the cure for depression and if u dont have depression they will just make u a happier person all around they change your presception on life.


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