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Life in Movies

Words can't describe.

Well this was my first encounter with this wonderful vegetable, my psychedelic experiences before were limited to salvia, pot and DXM but I had been wanting these guys since childhood.

So anyways I'm over at a friend's house with a bunch of my pals some of them have done shrooms before some have not. We eat the guys in sandwiches while passing around an apple bong. I find this stop watch and start it, put around my neck, I'm kind of stoned from the weed at this point and though it would be funny.

I'm sitting in my friend's basement in the middle of this ray of light coming through the window when the drugs begin to kick in. The light starts to look like a tube and smoke from a joint was floating around very beautifully. I smoked some more just because it was there and decided to walk around the house for a bit.

I get out of the basement and I notice this wardrobe at the top of this flight of stairs and the thing just looks beautiful like it should be in an IKEA catalogue. Looking at this perfect image, I get the weirdest idea in my head; I feel like I'm in a movie, not as an actor but that life is a movie that someone is watching, everything is scripted and planned out so I just have to go with the flow. This thought doesn't really make sense unless you're on shrooms. Anyways whenever I'm about to go into a room I worry that maybe its not the right scene and I'm going to walk off the set. I see this stop watch around my neck and I can't even understand the numbers but I know it means I'm the coach and that its time to make movies, so I go and find my friends and tell them its movie time, but they don't understand what I'm saying, so I leave them to watch TV. I go back upstairs and go to the bathroom, I look in the mirror and see a face with BIG eyes and a crazy looking smile. After I step out of the bathroom I can see my reflection on the wall, HUGE and all sorts of crazy colors are coming out of it. My legs and whole body feel like they're made of slinkys so I want to go sit and down and I don't want to be alone anymore. At this point everything is breathing and moving and I'm seeing this face all over the place. A big face with millions of little faces coming out in patterns.

I somehow get to the basement and curl up in a ball in the corner of the couch. The basement is a crazy maze of boxes and wildlooking faces everywhere. I'm thinking things can't get weirder but hell do they ever. I close my eyes and it feels like I'm sleeping but I know that I'm not. Past and present and my entire life are all merged into one, and it doesn't make a difference if my eyes are open or closed. I see this crazy face in all sorts of color and scenes of my life keep playing in my head. Very vivid sexual fantasies going on like they actually happened. This is all happening at once. Every now and then I would come back to the basement and see everyone sitting around looking crazy speaking in nonsense and then would be back in a timeless state. As weird and scary as it sound the whole time was quite euphoric.

I cant remember when things got back to normal but I remember it feeling like someone had taken a hammer to my brain and then pieced everything back together in a better way. I just felt good about life, very optimistic.

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