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mushroom poisoning antidote

911 FYI

After doing a lot of research on the subject of "milk thistle," a natural herb used for centuries to combat liver inflammation and hepatic conditions, it (Milk Thistle) is said to also be an antidote in the case of mushroom poisoning - especially if given immediately. In addition, milk thistle can also assist in the prevention of liver/kidney failure (death) is given within 24 hours of ingestion, of let's say, the deadly Galerinas.  Also, drinking milk thistle tea can also help stive off nausea associated with mushroom ingestions is drank prior to tripping.  However, if you suspect mushroom poisoning, always call the Poison Control center go to the nearest ER.

Note: This document does not provide any references. Please click "Edit" and add references if you can. If you suspect mushroom poisoning, always contact Poison Control or go to the hospital immediately. Do not rely on milk thistle or any other home-based remedy.


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