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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose


Alright this is the morning after 2 friends, my sister, and myself took between 9 and 10 seeds each. These were the good Hawaiian strain thats supposed to be the best. I've done a good amount of reasearch in preparing the seeds, and I flamed them and scraped them probably about 80 percent as best as I could. Anyway I got 250 seeds total, then divided them up between us after preparing them. They were all crushed up either in a regular grinder, a little pepper mill, or both, and then put in a glass of orange juice. So we all cheered to our upcoming Amsterdam trip and started playing guitar hero and smoking a blunt. This was at 9:45 PM.  By 10:15 I knew I was gonna throw up, which i did once every 15 minutes or so for 4 times. Everyone else was fine however so I blamed it on a combonation of motion sickness from watching the screen, being the only one who hadn't eaten since lunch, and having 1 hit of the blunt that kinda went down the wrong tube somehow.

After my 4th and final time throwing up, I still felt pretty good, and went back into the living room. They had turned the TV off and were just chilling in the dim lights listening to a mellow playlist. We couldn't really do very much, everyone said it just felt like gravity was keeping them in place, so we just sat, feeling very stoned and a little trippy, enjoying the feeling. I was a little upset that I was the only one who got sick, but whatever.

After a couple hours of being half asleap everyone just decided to go home and go to sleep. About 12:30 AM

This morning My friend texted me saying him and his gf that he was here with both threw up over the night, as did my sister. So all in all it was an ok experience. No real visuals, just a heavy stoned feeling. Also everyone threw up at least once. I'd say if I was to do it again, I'd do that water extraction or at least something to help the stomach aspect.

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