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Tripped Out or Temporary Cure for Color-blindness

Those LBMs do statisfy.

So I got a 1/16 oz. of little brown mushrooms, the same ones I got last time (my first time). All my friends said they were the best they have ever had, the average number of trips between them being 7 times. The most experienced of them took a full 1/8 and freaked out; he pissed his pants twice in the bathroom. So anyway. I split this 1/16th with my friend; we both got one shroom each. Mine was short with a big cap, his cap was smaller, but he had a long ass stem. We ate them in the woods after a square and we decided that taking them was easier than smoking or drinking. After a brisk late fall Minnesotan walk we returned to a fire we had setup before we left. I began to get that weird feeling people apparently get before they trip. I kept that to myself in order to allow him to have the best trip possible and not get disappointed. Even with the fire it was cold, so went inside. We played 007 Goldeneye for N64 on the spaceship level with paintball mod. After a while, he began to act weird and spin around looking at the ceiling shooting his gun (creating paint splatters on the ceiling). About two minutes later, I began my trip the paint started to get fuzzy and run a little. I had already, about 15 min earlier, began feeling sick to my stomach (weak stomach plus a lot strange food). So I went into the bathroom and dry heaved. After I finished I looked up, I was tripping balls. He has this bathroom; it was meant to look kind of like underwater, but it was poorly done (it’s hard to pull off). The white walls had a mixture of blue, dark blue and gray splatter on it (hard to explain) anyway I am blue/green color-blind: I was unaware that there was three shades of blue on the wall, even sober. But when I was tripping I saw three shades swirling around on the wall and it appeared in separate layers (top layer was semi transparent white, underneath was the swirls. The white layer was breathing). I saw a lot of breathing: brick walls, garage door, fence, etc. I saw blue and green colors all over my friends face (part of it was blue from a television screen)/

That’s all I remember with visuals. I experienced déjà vu many times. One time in particular was very vivid and caused, me to temporally stop believe in existence. I was wearing a plaid flannel work shirt and it had areas of a white-gray/red plaid. The dialog was as follows, friend: "Oh, my god, what the fuck, look at the white part” “What the fuck are you talking about?” “Dude, you jacket, look at the white part.” “Holy shit man déjà vu, fucking déjà vu, oh my fuck, holy, Jesus fucking Christ.” “I swear to God I saw this conversation coming, including what I am saying now.” The night before, I swear I dreamt that scene, and you got to understand I rarely remember my dreams. The rest of the times I experienced déjà vu I was anticipating what he would say minutes in advance (seemingly), I can write off these following experiences of déjà vu, but the original was far to vivid.

I began to have close eye visualizations and my friend thought I had gone asleep despite that I explained to him that I could not sleep even if I wanted too. Regardless he went upstairs to try to sleep/trip out by himself. I began to have 15 min of deep circular logic session which I would later describe as “entering into different world by way of paradoxical thinking… upon leaving each world I turned and said fuck you and moved on.” Ultimately, I would lose my train of thought and move on to another paradox. Each new world came with a sensation of my body going deeper into the sofa. I remember I could never get comfortable (on the couch) and after a while I began to kick my feet frantically, without knowledge, well eventually I found that I was doing it. I have no idea how long I did it, unaware, because I had no concept of time (my 15 min guess earlier may be way off). At this point of realization or shortly after I began to have close eye visualizations that were in sync to the music coming from Goldeneye (in all its MIDI glory). On subject of music I would highly recommend Oliver Hart/Eyedea & Abilities, which inspired my thinking greatly. The music of Oliver Hart/Eyedea & Abilities talks greatly of either the use of hallucinogenic drugs or slipping into psychosis/other serious mental illness. It is underground hip-hop from Mpls. from Rhymersayers Entertainment. Here are some more recommendations:

DISCLAIMER: I Enjoyed all of this music when I tripped, but listen to it before you trip, to gauge if you can handle it, I put them in order of advisory (of course it’s highly subjective).

Song title – Album – Artist – Genre – Other info
1. Victor Wooten – anything from A Show of Hands
2. Any Praxis off Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis), if you can find it get Crash Victim / Black Science Navigator – Instrumental Rock - A very good/critically acclaimed/obscure project by Bill Laswell
3. The Dive (Part 1 & 2) - First Born – Eyedea & Abilities – Underground Hip-hop
4. Soundtrack of a Romance – The Many Faces of Oliver Hart - Oliver Hart - Underground Hip-hop
5. Liquid Sovereignty - First Born - Eyedea & Abilities Underground Hip-hop
6. Leornard I-V – Organix – The Roots – Organic Hip-hop
7. Buggin' Out - Baptism by Fire – Apathy – Underground Hip-hop
8. Dance this Mess Around - The B-52's - The B-52's – Alternative
9. Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty in Memphis - Dusty Springfield - Rock/Pop
10. The W.A.N.D. – At War With the Mystics - The Flaming Lips– Alternative
11. I'm the Slime – Over-Nite Sensation - Frank Zappa - Sort-of-older Rock
12. Dopeman (remix) - Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A. - G-Funk
13. The Army's Ecstacy - The Grand Pecking Order – Oysterhead – Funky, Jam Rock
14. Any song by A Perfect Circle, I like When the Levee Breaks a cover of Led Zeppelin – eMOTIVE – Alt. Rock
15. Pearl Jam (any)
16. The Other Way of Stopping – Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police – New-wave/Funk
17. The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride - Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People – Primus – Heavy Rock/Funk
18. Warlocks - Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers – Funk/Rock
19. Sublime (any)
20. Nine to Yo Dome - Smoked Out Music (Greatest Hits) - Three 6 Mafia – Gangster Rap

Merry tripping,

EDIT: I had read online about idenifing mushrooms, it seems a certain group of them are called lbms, so that's all I knew about them.  I aksed in the forum, turns out they are standard psilocybe cubensis.   The desciption of trip lvls puts me at 2/3, but my dosage only sugests 1/2 hum... Guess I am sensitive. Looks like I got a popular strain. I am sure all the hype aided in my trip too (to know what I am talking about you have read the trip report).

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