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woodsy funn


Well, It all started when I thought about moving to los angeles for a little while, my sister was staying out in long beach to go to college, and i had a brand new car , a 1996 subaru. legacy 5speed tranny, it was awesome,  i paid 7500 for it, and i sold it for 2000 flat, so i took my check, cashed it, and then went to nevada city, i hooked up with some local people and bought 2 eigths of shrooms and one eigth of weed. I ate 3/4 of the first eigth and shared the remander with a buddy who lived in town, we were in the hills on a forrest trail when it struck me, all of a sudden the golden sunset, truned into a triangle from the zelda video game, and the landscape had a more sharpened texture. I turned around and saw a bathroom emerge into the woods, and alice in wonderland herself and several of the other characters, and i saw a magic carpet and aladdin's magic lamp, i saw the cartoon eyes in the woods, and a pharoah in a sarcophigi. the end!!!

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