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The Hundred Foot Long Boat

what a trip!

One night my, brother, my friend lama and I were bored and decided that it was a great night to trip, so we went picked up our shrooms, and eager to eat them we stopped at a store grabbed some hersheys bars and ate them on the drive home,. we   were currently staying at my parents house, so we had to try to keep it down, but you know how that goes trippin, its hard.          

             when we got back we just chilled out and decided to have a fire in the pit out back, we got it goin and sat by the fire and smoked a blunt, thats usually what we do is smoke right before we start trippin, it helps trigger it for me. Then before we knew it there were faces in the coals of the fire, crazy designs, and many cool things to look at just in the fire. then we started lighting little sticks on fire, just cause, but soon after by brother found a can of fire starter, DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE, BAD IDEA WHILE TRIPPIN . we put some on the fire and it grew so big, it was like dark one minute then the fire was so bright it was like day , after that we grabbed like a small tree that had been chopped down, soaked it in the fluid and lit that bitch, it went up so fast, just picture a whole flaming tree being swung back and fourth, it was like some crazy show, but we were as carful as could be while trippin to not light the woods on fire, then we realized we were only about 50 ft. from my moms bedroom window, and they were alseep, we quickly put the tree out sat back by the fire and talked about goin for a walk, in between all this laughing hysterically.

                 it took some time but we got goin, up the drive way towards a fun trippin walk, we went down so small side roads, in a quiet country neighborhood, and every house we walked by had an automatic flood light that would come on, that messed with me, but also made me laugh, we got to tha top of this big hill and sat in the middle of the road layin up lookin at the stars, they were amazing, the whole sky was moving to whatever song in my head, and what ever else i looked at was the same design, like shrooms in every kind if color as a pattern, it was awsome. we eventually decided to go back, on the way home there were a few houses with land  nomes and it was like they were chatting then peeking out at us as we 'tripped' by. I was havin a great time, but i had no clue what was to come next.

                    we got back, and my mom has this pond at the bottem of a huge wooded hill, we decided to go sit on the dock, on our way down the path all three of us got seperated and a little lost, all i heard was, "where are we ha ha ha", i made it down first, and sat myself up against a pole on the dock and just stared at the pond, it looked so nice, i listened to see where they were, i knew they were close, then i heard my brother say "watch out for that log  its loose, then he steps on it, losses his footing and slides down the hill laughing. we all sat on the dock for awhlie, talking and stuff, there were two boats, a canooe, and a small motor boat, which had water about up to my kneens in it, i told them it was a dumb idea to even think about taking them out, and before we knew it the canooe had got loose from the rope holding it there and floated pretty far away, and of course, im the one that has to go get it, why me. at this point i was trippin the hardest,  they set me up in a kayak, i kicked off my shoes and they sent me off, note in was midnight and pitch black, i mean real dark, i couldnt see shit, but the sillohet of the canooe, i headed toward it slowly, after what seemed like an hour i got caught up to it, it looked like it was a hundred feet long! it sucked so much i was in this tiny ass kayak, trying to pull a pretty good sized canooe, then i stop to hear the sound of laughin, and the sound of an engine to a boat start.... shit, they were gonna take it out, i tried so hard to get there as fast as i could, i still couldnt see, but hoped i was goin the right way, it was hard to follow sounds cuz eveything that made noise surrounded me as if it were moving and coming from all directions. After awhlie i made it back, they took off with the boat, still fillled with water. they made it only a short ways before stopping and turning it off, it seemed so loud in the middle of a quiet night, then i hear, heeeyyy, can you come save us!, i was like what?! they had no paddle, so me being the person i am paddled my little ass out to where they were, it took awhile, but i made it, and i had to drag that whole motor boat, with both of them in it all the way across the pond, it musta been the shrooms helpin me cuz i only weigh about 120, and im not the strongest person, but i managed to save them and we all got back to the dock with out drowning, thankfully!

                      we finally made our way back to the house, and i was done, i left them outside went and changed out of my soaking wet cloths and put on some mario to play, the next thing i hear is someone knockin at my window, oh they wanted to give me a ciggarett, and tell me how lama thought she really got bit by a snake, in the middle of talking they realized how warm my room was and crawled up a grill, and just came in through the window, making alot of noise. it was pretty funny though, from then on we calmed down chilled, and relaxed while we came down, it was a fun, crazy night and we were all lucky to have not gotten hurt. it was one of my favorite trips.

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