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My NYC Trip

Bugging out at the busiest place in the world.

Hey, this is going to be my first trip report. I've done shrooms countless times before in the past 2 years so I'd consider myself experienced in that area. I'm in my early 20s and currently have a lot going on in my life as far as family and work but for the most part I stay positive and keep a good attitude throughout all the bad. My spirituality also helps through that.. I'm into the tao, meditation, lucid dreaming, reading about astral projection, so I'm pretty well together.

Scored about 4 grams of the stuff, for some reason they were still a little wet when I got them so I dried them out a little more and they still ended up being a little more than an 8th. Myself and three of my friends were planning on going to see the bands Sevendust and 10 Years at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. They weren't doing the shrooms but they're crazy enough without drugs ;) . We had left over wigs and "caffeine man" glasses (the glasses that have eyes and eyebrows in them so it looks like you never blink and have the same expression always).

So we smoke a little, get on the train and I start eating my shroomies. They were very chewy as I didn't dry them out enough, but being on half a peanut butter sandwich masked that pretty well. For some reason myself and all my buddies just so happened to all wear camo pants, cuz we're just fucking crazy like that ;) . We're sitting on the train and I start feeling a bit of a body high. As my buddy puts on the crazy wig and glasses and starts "wigging out". The conductors think its fucking hilarious and the fellow train goers are laughing too, attention all on us. So during all this attention I attempt to inconspicuously roll two joints, which I succeeded at.

I'm at the point where things start to seem a little "different".. Everything just gets a little more intense. The shaking and moving of the train feels too much for my already "energy vibrating" self. So I close my eyes and try to regain focus which proves absolutely impossible.. I start kind of seeing closed eye visuals, but they were mostly vibrations of energy swishing in and out of my awareness. Not that I could see but I could feel seeing, if that makes any sense. All the different sounds coming from different parts of the train start to become more vivid. I am able to hear every different kind of music people are playing in their headphones. Some ethnic music, some alternative rock, some hip hop. I started to feel a kind of empathy with all those around me, a feeling of understanding came over me. All these people have somewhere to go, somewhere they want to be, people they want to be with, people they care about. We aren't all that different, haha. Outlines started to become more vivid and the etched graffiti on the seat in front of me started to pop out like I was wearing 3d glasses. The vibrations of the train still nauseated me but I was able to calm myself down by meditation. The antics of my crazy friends didn't phase me at this point in time, as I was merging with a dimension that is beyond that for the moment.

Finally the train descends down into the tunnel, the speed and vibrations of the train made it feel like I was going through a vortex.. Soon to leave the comfort of isolation of my corner.. To experience people, their emotions, the abundance and fast movement of life, in New York City... Insanity...

The train comes to a stop, we gather our belongs. I of course double check my seat to see if I dropped anything (I have a habit of thinking I'm losing things while I trip). Got my phone, wallet, cigarettes, bottle of water.. I'm good. I stand up and am immediately affected by the disorienting qualities of the drug. It felt like the scene in fear and loathing when they go into the circus on ether. I swayed back and forth walking up the stairs, feeling like some kind of junkie.. Trying not to bump into anybody, trample little children, or cause any kind of suspicion. As I emerged into penn station I realised by looking at the varieties of people that I could easily blend in, given all the bums, crackheads, fags and "ballers", immigrants and wealthy. I'm just my own kind of person. There is no need to have to fit in, this is New York city!

A rock band was playing by the escalators and McDonalds, they were playing a beautiful acoustic tune, really psychadelic shit. It was serene and flowing. The kind of music that just made you stop for a moment and melt. You could see all the people gathered around filled with emotion, lovers pulling each other closer. It would have been a beautiful sight high or sober.. but being under the influence of this mysterious drug made me think of my family, friends, the girls I've been with, how beyond the ego we all touch each other in some way. And there is no need for our physical bodies and what happens here in our physical existence to take away that kind of love, that existence.. that we're all in this together..

So we go up the escalators to the street, there's this area where cops and military hang out in case something happens. They were all staring at my friend with the crazy glasses and at us because we were all wearing camoflauge pants. At that moment it dawned on me that it looked as if we were either A) terrorists or B) trying to make a statement. That got me paranoid for a moment and again I thought, this is Manhatten. There's all sorts of crazy around. I was nearing the peak of my trip, it felt as if the ground was breathing as I was walking on it which is typical in my trips. The lights were kind of intense, I went there with the intension of staring up at the high buildings but doing so proved difficult because of all the lights around I felt inclined to stare at. I was also focusing on not bumping into or trampling over people, avoiding hustler and "rap stars" haha. These wannabe rappers come up to you like you've never heard rap music before. We were dressed for a fucking rock concert, I mean come on. One thing that made me laugh, this rapper came up to my buddy and is like "u guys like rap?" and my friends like yea.. The guy goes "I aint no gangster or anything I never shot no body" and my friend goes "but yea thats the best kind" and the guy starts cracking up and is like "u guys are awesome be good". We pass by this store with these 3 people arguing.. A girl, some dude that looked like snoop dog, and a bum looking guy on a bike. I didn't give much thought to it, in the city everyone pretty much minds their own business no matter whats going on..

We see Mr pregnant. He's got a myspace and some youtube videos (http://www.myspace.com/mrpregnant). He was standing there rapping with his huge dreadlocks and fat ass gut. My friend with the wig starts dancing in front of him and people are cracking up. He starts rapping about him, something about how white boy can dance haha.

So we're still on our way to the concert and a convoy of cop cars following this black crown vic drove by, must have been 20 cop cars with their lights on which was trippy as hell. All I saw was sparkling and vivid lights, trails, the whole deal. It also got me thinking about how fucked up the government is.. How, especially in NYC and Long Island, we're controlled by fear. It's really fucked up how it is. It got me thinking of the 9/11 conspiracy how the government did that to us.. But I wasn't thinking about that too long though because we finally were approaching Roseland Ballroom on 52nd street.

We get there and there's this dude sitting by the door, the concert was moved downtown due to technical difficulties AND it was sold out. That got us pretty bummed out, but after spending 40 bux on an 8th of shrooms... I need the money. So much walking and so much intensity I had to take a break so we went into McDonalds to use the pisser and my friends got some pie apple. Whenever I'm on shrooms I don't have any appetite, especially for chemical ridden fake food. I spent a while staring at the tiles, graffiti on the table, looking around at all the strange and fat people. All a sudden these two people bust through the doors of McDonalds, it was the woman and the bum looking guy from before. The bum was attacking the woman and took something from her and ran off. At this point I didn't realise it was the same people until snoop dogg came in and was talking shit to these innocent people eating their food at Mccy D's. The bum runs off and the girls chases screaming "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!" with tears in her eyes. She walks across the street and sits on a bench in front of a corporate building. I see the bum walk back up to her and grab her, she pretty much beats the shit out of him and sits back down on the bench. He runs off. She's all crying and shit, and starts running down the block still in my view. I see her start to run across the street as cars are coming and the car comes to a screeching halt and she goes over the hood. For a second I thought I was going to see her get killed. This really started messing with my head and I started thinking about my family, how with all the stuff I've got going on I don't have the emotional energy to put towards my family. I havent talked to my pregnant sister who is 3000 miles away in a couple weeks. I was thinking of how I have to be there for them. I was also thinking of a girl I might have hurt. She likes me and has been playing stupid games and when she said "jim's my best friend, right jim?" I hesitated to say yes because all I was thinking was the friend zone which I'm not a chump and I don't want to be in. It got me thinking that I could be a friend even though I don't really see anything going on between us at the moment. But it's the kind of person you have to be fakely enthusiastic for, which is draining also.

I'm sitting there thinking to myself and my friends see I'm bummed out. I have really good friends whom I've known almost my whole life. We're very success oriented people and try to help each other out. They ask me whats wrong, and in my state I can't explain myself. So I just told them I'm stuck in another dimension and am thinking about things I can't really explain at the moment, but I'm good (thumbs up). At this point I'm ready to go back to somewhere familiar, back home. There was a friend's birthday bash going on, toga party so we started heading back.

On the way back to penn station, it was the same deal with the tripping.. Lights, trails, laughs. My buddy with the wig and glasses gets back into character and is once again trampling over people which I find fucking hilarious. I did not stop laughing the whole way. I could see people looking at us laughing having a great time and it just made their faces light up. It was at that moment I realised our purpose here, why we all came together as friends, why we do what we do. We walk to our own beat, we blaze our own trail, we make an influence on people. Understanding, yet not to be treaded upon. We've all cumulatively experienced a lot for our young ages.

So we had some laughs, talked to some people, and finally got back on the train for home. I was still having some visuals, outlines of objects were coming out. The train starts going through the tunnel out of Manhatten and the whole train was vibrating and you could see the walls of the tunnel going really fast. Everything I saw was being distorted due to the vibrations and it felt like I was going through a vortex.. To a more familiar place, back home.

Like every time I do shrooms, I've underestimated the power of this mysterious drug but also came out learning new things. The things that you can explain such as love for friends and family, the emotions of people around you, and making an influence on them. And also the things you can't explain with words.. What you just know. But overall, even though it was a little uncomfortable at times I enjoyed it very much. After all, you've gotta step out of your comfort zone in order to learn and grow. I hope you enjoyed my trip report, didn't expect it to be so long but this helps me recall everything and a LOT of things happened ;)

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