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First Solo Trip - Very intense

A whole 8th for myself, 3-4 level trip

Background Information: 19 yrs old, slim, not too much of a pothead, only done shrooms and weed, 2nd time trippin on shrooms.

Got em one night before trippin, a whole eight only for myself. I tripped once before with a group of friends. We ate our shrooms (a little less than an eight) with pizza and orange juice and it was an amazing experience. Then, after like four months, I finally made every shroomer's dream come true - a solo trip with a whole 8th of shrooms.

It happened in my house, my parents were gone for like 6 hours and so i thought to myself: "enough time to trip on shrooms". I ate my whole 8th with no hesitation (plain- with no food) and drank like 2 full glasses of orange juice. Man, what a beautiful day it was, i went for a walk around my neighborhood and i was just having a blast by thinking what the whole day was going to be like.

Then i hit me.

As I was about to get home, my body felt really heavy, and then heavier; I knew they were kicking in because i felt a little tipsy and drunk. By the time i got home, I was sure as hell they were going to work; man, it was too damn incredible to be true! I sat down on my couch and thought about playing some pink floyd or anything that might help set up the mood... ha, little did I know how this whole thing was going to work.

There was a poster of mickey mouse and other characters from disney i could see from my brother's playroom. This was fucking incredible because the poster was swirling, oh my god it was fucking swirling! I could not believe my eyes, I laughed like a sick bastard and kept on looking at it as if it was the most amazing shyt i've seen in my life. I realized then that the stories you read in this website are real experiences, there's just too much damn fantasy surrounding them. I was so attracted to this that i had to go see from a closer view. However, by the time I got there, I felt too fucking heavy and lazy and so i just laid on the floor of my brother's playroom.

Once in there the trip intensify, this was the peak. The drawers were bouncing as if there were alive, they were bouncing man! Amazing I thought, and kept on tripping. There was this plastic stars glued to the ceiling of the room and when I looked at them they kept on melting into the ceiling (at the same time new ones appeared in the same place). I saw transparent layers everywhere around the whole room and i thought to myself, "So this are layers our brain protects us to see everyday", too damn amazing i tell ya.

This lasted for a good hour, then I got off the trance and thought of continuing a starcraft game (evolves) that I've started a while ago. Man! playing my favorite game (and probably the only game I like) while shrooming was amazing; not only was the game wider than ever, but I really good at it haha;  finally, after like 5 yrs of playing this game, I understood what the point of it was... truly priceless.

All of that was throughout the first 4 hours, because the last 2 were those in which you get a little tired of your trip and just want it to go away (at least in this case). I went on loops of depression and all of those negative feelings and worries i had before trippin intesify inevitably. However, I knew what was going on, and although tired and depressed, I was still very thankful to have had such a great experience.

In the end, I realized a lot of negative and positive things about my life, but of course, I'm looking forward to trip again. This is a guy that truly respects the power of shrooms and loves to trip and go beyond explanation.

truly an honor,

hav a nice trip!


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