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Wish Plant

community wish plant

this was my first mushroom experience, and was absolutely amazing.

    i met up with my friend 'N' a little after 12 o'clock (afternoon). We split an 8th of good looking cube. I noticed small crystals at the base of the stems, and N told me that the crystals were a sign of potency. I had an empty stomach and washed them down with a little soda. Soon after my friend F showed up, and we smoked a bowl or two.

    Sitting around a bit high just talking, i realized things were getting a bit weird. When people moved, it seemed as if they were pushing the air around and i could almost feel it. I mentioned to N that i was starting to trip, and he said he felt nothing, perhaps because he had eaten them on a full stomach. I sat down, and wondered at the universe for maybe a few minutes. Colors were so amazingly vivid and everything was a bit squirmy.

    N looked at me and said something along the lines of, "woah i think i am feeling the mushrooms" minutes later he was tripping too. I remember thinking of the scene from "Tenacious D in; The pick of destiny", where jack, after eating a bunch of fresh mushrooms stands up and says, "everything is so.... Juicy..."

    We were sitting in a small alley near a community garden, and i decided i wanted to go into the garden and look at the plants. Walking between rows of green beans and lettuce i stepped on a garden hose, and the head of a sprinkler burbled and leaked water. The sounds echoed and distorted. I rushed back to my friends to show them the hose and the weird noise it made. My friend N was surprised too, and prompted me to turn on the hose to run his hands in the cool water. The feeling of water on my hands was sharp and tingly, but delightful. It reminded me of the "5" gum commercials where some person in dramatically overwhelmed by the sensation but enjoys it. I said something like "i know what five gum on my hand feels like!"  
    We replaced the sprinkler and turned off the water and began to wander around the garden. Among all the amazingly bright and colorful plants one of them seemed to be reaching out like a creature toward me and took on a strange personality. I stopped and stroked the leaves of the plant beast. I knew that it was a plant, but on some level it was so astoundingly alive. Suddenly all the plants in the garden seemed so vibrant and growing.

   Wandering through the rest of the garden, i came across an amazing yellow and dry plant. It had dry flowers, sort of sunflower like, but with furry type insides. I was astounded and stroked the fur. It had a rubbery resilient feel. (a little bit of background; as a kid in my neighborhood, in a certain season, these small white wisps would float through. It was considered lucky to find one, and if you did you made a wish on it before releasing it into the world.) Looking at several of the flowers, i realized that this was a wish plant! it had little white wisps tucked in among the yellow and brown furr-like bit of the flower. I am aware  that there is a tree, that gives of bits of fluff, similar to the wishes, but its not quite the same. This was an amazing find, and brought forth all sorts of amazing memories. To have discovered the source of the wish wisps was a powerful experience. I though of how the little wishes would be spread throught the world and all the people that would find them. What hopes and desires would these people have? The colors on the plant seemed so perfect and vivid.

Soon after myself, N and F left the garden and walked to a small nearby park, where N and F smoked another bowl. I myself abstained, i try to be moderate in smoking, and i had a light cold at the time. On the way to the park, F played some music from a music phone, and i was in shock at how amazing and immersive the music was. I could not even make out much of the tune, words, or sounds, but it was the most delicious audio thing i have ever heard. I remarked that this was pure ear candy, and most music is. I expierienced heavy audio distortions, and things people said slowed down and sped up, or both.

 While they sat behind a bush, and had a little toke, i lay on the grass and closed my eyes. My head was full of shifting and twisting colors and shapes, projected on twisting polygons. The melds of color seen in trippy visuals were very very clearly seen. I felt as though i was lying on some sort of bubbly reality. N came back over to get something out of his backpack, and i advised him to lay down and close his eyes. He was just as astounded as i was.

 After they had smoked, i sat on the grass with them a bit. I have no notion of how much time had passed, although i would estimate around an hour. Not tripping quite so hard anymore we parted ways, and i sat in the park struggling to read a book. I slowly pieced together bits of the story, and it painted an impressive portrait of the times and places.

I sat in the park maybe a half hour and then walked home. I sat at my computer and went on the internet a bit, and still felt residual efects. I pet my cats, and realized how nice and soft they were. Just like music was ear candy, cats were tactile presants. I made a bowl of ramen with onions, corn, and greenbeans and a small salad, with olive oil and vinegar dressing. I ate this food while watching a movie, and was slightly comfused by the movie. This was about the tail end of my expierience, and i had throughly enjoyed it.

Mushrooms are a personal favorite over acid, it is much more physically comfortable, and far more immersive. Less strange feelings the day after, and my sleep cycles are not disturbed significantly.

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