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My First Trip!

Amazing Experience!

So, this was my first ever mushroom trip, and it was an absolute amazing experience.  I had done a lot of research beforehand, so I basically knew what to expect.  I read mutlple articles on the topic, and read Timothy Leary's "The Psychedelic Experience" (which is a must-read for anyone thinking about trying shrooms!).  Although I knew what to expect, nothing beats actually taking the jump and experiencing it.  Okay, on with the trip:

So, my friend (Preston) and I were decided to do them at his dorms, which wasn't the best idea, but it turned out fine.  2 of his roommates were there, but they didn't want in, and another friend of ours (Tony) mooched just a little bit of it from us.  From the quarter ounce we got (dried Psilocybe cubensis), Preston and I had the majority of it.  About 20 minutes after eating them, I started to feel the first effects.  I was sitting in my chair when my whole body started to tingle.  Then everything around me gradually became brighter as my pupils started to dilate.  Preston and Tony didn't feel anything yet, and they were pretty surprised I was reacting so fast (empty stomach helps).

At this point, Preston, Tony, and a roommate of Preston's went to smoke in the bathroom.  Since this was my first time shrooming, I didn't want to smoke as well.  So I decided to get up and go sit in Preston's cozy chair in his room.  I shut the door almost all the way, and I was all alone in the room.  I sat back in the chair and closed my eyes.  At this point, my whole body felt like it was burning up then cooling off just a few seconds later.  My spine was still pleasantly tingling.  Then, I heard a bunch of people enter the dorm into the living room down the hall from where I was.  Then, they did the most amazing thing... they turned on the music!!!  It was probably the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.  They turned on some rap music (which I normally don't really like), and I looked at the door to Preston's room that was almost shut and I saw, yes saw, the sound waves of the music flowing into the room.  The beat was real steady and I felt as if I was part of the music, as if I was flowing with it... The longer the song went on, the slower the beat got, and it felt as if time was slowing down.  I was just leaning back in the chair in complete ecstasy, thinking about how perfect everything was when I started laughing out of sheer joy.  My laughing gradually increased, until I was just sitting there by myself, laughing hysterically.

At this point, Preston's other roommate came into the room to talk on the phone, and I think he was a bit disturbed to see me sitting there laughing.  A few minutes later, Preston and the guys finished smoking and came into the room.  I had stopped laughing at this point, but I was still just sitting there enjoying my trip.  Preston wasn't tripping much (yet), and Tony wasn't tripping at all.  I think they started talking to me, but I barely even heard them.  When Tony tried to pull me out of the chair, I was so relaxed that I didn't move a muscle and I just fell onto the floor.  I hit the closet fairly hard, but I felt no pain whatsoever, everything around me felt so soft.

Once on the floor, I kept enjoying my trip and I started saying "Oh my God" over and over and over and over...  Tony decided to pull out his phone and start videotaping all of this, and they were all laughing, but I paid barely any notice to them at all.  For what felt like the next hour (I think it was more like 15 min), I continued rolling all around the floor not even paying attention to what I was saying.  Whenever anyone walked by me, I instincively reached out and grabbed their leg.  They got a bit annoyed at that, but they still thought it was funny.  Then I started saying "I'm sorry" over and over and over again... like I said, not even paying much attention.  At this point, I was so involved in my trip they just left, turned the lights off and shut the door.

So there I was, just lying on the floor in ecstacy.  With no noise around to stimulate me anymore, I started yelling/moaning, then gradually it got louder.  Then someone came into the room and told me I had to be quiet or I'd disturb the neighbors.  Then they left again.  So I willed myself to get up (not an easy task), and I crawled out of the room to join everyone else in the living room.  As soon as they saw me, they told me I had to go back in the room, and they tried to get me to stand up, so I stood up leaning against the wall, then I gradually slipped down the wall and fell onto the kitchen floor.  Once again, it was a hard fall but It sure didn't feel like it.

I think this is right about where the deja-vu started.  I felt like I had already lived through all this and was just seeing again.  I saw the bottom of the kitchen drawers as I was lying on the floor and commented on how dirty it was. They kept telling me they wanted me back in the room, but I just felt like I couldn't (and didn't want to) move a muscle.  So 3-4 of them picked me up and carried/dragged me back to the room and lay me on the bed.  I kept laying there making noise for a while, until I was finally able to stand up on my own.

I finally did, and I walked back into the living room, not acting as crazy but still tripping pretty hard.  I walked into the kitchen and I saw a big slice of melon on the counter.  I asked if I could have it, and Preston's roommate said I could.  So I bascially shoved it into my mouth, seeds and all.  It tasted sooooo good, best melon (best any food?) I've ever had.  I just stood there savoring it and chewing on the seeds I didn't bother to spit out.  Even the seeds tasted good and the feeling of them in my mouth was equally enjoyable.  Then I started begging to go outside, and after much debate, Preston, Tony, and I went outside.  The cold felt extra cold, but just as wonderful, the fresh air was amazing, and as we walked down the stairs (we were on the third floor), my hand sliding on the banister felt incredible.  When we finally got downstairs we walked for a few minutes then they proposed we go back inside.  I really didn't want to go back inside, I wanted to explore as much as I could cause everything I did was so incredible as if I was experiencing it for the first time ever.  So I said they can go back if they want, but I'm not going.  Then I started running away toward the street lol.  I think they chased me down (luckily; I coulda embarrased myself pretty bad, or worse), and it's a bit hazy but somehow they got me back upstairs.

Once we were back in the dorm, I kept saying I wanted to go outside. So Preston's roommate (claiming to be drunk), offered to play a game of Speed with me.  The deal was: if I won I could go outside again, if I lost I had to stay inside for the rest of the night.  I was feeling pretty confident, but needless to say (he wasn't drunk at all), I got bashed.  All the cards were so bright and colorful, I kept trying to cheat and I kept forgetting the rules, etc.

From there, the evening sorta calmed down,  the same roommate made a quesadilla for me (which tasted AMAZING), and he and I started to watch Castaway, but I just couldn't focus.  I just kept talking to him about random things.  This was where I realized a lot of interesting things about myself.  I was able to look on my life as an outsider for a change.  It felt as if I was so insignificant in the world (which we all obviously are).  Everything in my life became a lot clearer as I learned so much about myself in those few minutes (most of which wouldn't make any sense to people who don't know me).

Then, the weirdest thing of the night, from my perspective, happened.  I asked the roommate where everyone was, and he told me that Tony and his friend left but he didn't know where Preston was.  So I got up, went to Preston's room, looked around, and no one was in the room, the beds were set and the light was on.  I checked the rest of the dorm and he wasn't there.  I went back to the living room, got out my phone and called him.  He answered, I asked where he was, and he told me he was in his room sleeping!!!  I went to his room and his lights were off and he was in bed sleeping (apparently had been asleep for a while), despite me having been in there less than a minute earlier.

To finish off the night, Preston and I chatted openly for a while as the last effects wore off.  When we were feeling sober, we went to the mirror and saw that our pupils were still dilated about as much as they could be, and for some reason, both Preston and I looked really different in the mirror from my perspective.  After that, Preston went to smoke again, and we both went to bed.

If you read this far, give yourself a pat on the back, and I appreciate you taking an interest in the most amazing night of my life.  I would recommend shrooms to almost anyone.  Shrooms are not to be taken lightly by any means, without the right set and setting (mainly set), you may easily have an unforgettably miserable experience.  I am fortunate enough to be very optimistic with everything I do in life, which is an advantage and a disadvantage.  But it is 100% advantageous when it comes to using shrooms.  Shrooms lets you look at your life from a whole different point of view and lets you appreciate everything in life that you always take for granted.  As with many things, as unfortunate as it is, the people who need shrooms the most, are usually the least likely to want to try it.

Have fun, and good luck.

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