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Shrooms in school

the worst day of my life on my birthday.

During the summer a couple of my friends thought it would be sweet too get ahold of some mushrooms. I told my friend when he went too a harvest fest too pick me up some shrooms and gave him some money. Once school started he told me that he could get me a 1/8 when he went out there so i told him that was fine. I got them on oct 9th a monday (which is my birthday). so i went too the whole day with this bag of mushrooms, which a couple of my close friends had seen me get (and they had told there friends that i got them). So at around 12:45 AM I was in world history 2, and one of my friends said that they would go bad if i did'nt eat them soon (and i was planning too eat them the weekend coming up), so i went out and bought a oj at the lunch room and got my friend johhny too come in too the bathroom with me. When we got in i took all the mushroom and eat them (3 mushrooms with red spores) and jugged the oj down. so i went back too class not feeling anything at all. within 20 minutes i started getting lightheaded and my legs lost feeling which was cool at first but started too get annyoing. The teacher handed us a multiple question paper in which i just drew pictures on it the whole time and tryed too think about what i am getting myself into. after about 40 mins of the trip i needed too get out for a second, so i got the teacher too sign my pass and i went into the hall, after entering the hallway it felt as if the walls were moving inward as i walked, and i could hear childrens voices, as if they were at playtime outside. I found a bathroom and walked into it. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my pupils were very large and i looked colorless. i went into one of the bathroom stalls and sat down on the toilet trying too re-gain what i came out to do (even though i was trying too escape WHII) so i looked at the pattens on the floor and they started too move around and spin. this made me feel like the bathroom was a bad place too be. so i left. when i exited i saw one of my black friends and waved him over too me because i though if i talked it would come out wrong or something. So he says "whats up Richard". and i just nod. I didnt know too do. then he asks "you don't look so well", and i manage too say "I know". so we depart because he needed too get back too libery and i needed too go back too class. so i went back and that only made it worse because two of my friends knew i was tripping but still showed me scary artwork that they found on the internet, on there laptops. so i put my head down and tryed too block everything out because it was hard too understand what everybody was saying. so for the next 20 mins i layed there and felt as though i could hear everything more amplfied. when the bell rang my friend josh said he would walk me too my next class, so i waited for him too get his stuff but he was taking to long so i just walked too my next class. its about 1:50 when i get too chemistry extra help. So i am sitting there not knowing what to do feeling like i was a rat stuck in a maze. about 10 mins into the class i see johnny out in the hall flagging me too go too the bathroom with him. so i ask the teacher if i could go too the bathroom and he says yes and starts too write a pass when johnny appears right behind my teacher. (of couse he wasnt right behind him but i thought he was) so i go into the hall and hes there and he walk and get my other friend tyler and go too the bathroom. we all go into the stall and i start too think im gunna throw up so i get on my knees but nothing came out of my mouth. so stood up and we talked for a little bit about what i was gunna do too get rid of thr trip before i go home. at this time we had been in the bathroom for 5 mins and i start too loose controll of my legs and fall down in a sitting style in the corner. and i look up and see that tylers hair too me looked really bright and i wanted too touch it but didnt say this out loud. about 2 mins later a kid named nate comes into the bathroom and jumps the stall and breaks the tiles on the top. at the time i didnt know that he jumped the stall so too me it looked like he fell from the sky and i was freaked out then. when it was 2:30 the bells rang for us to go home, and i knew i had a dentantion i had too serve today so i asked if johhny and his older brother randy would stay after with me so i wasnt alone. they said they would so we went too it and sat down. at that moment this kid that knew i was tripping from sombody that told him hands me a jimmy page biography and i start too read it but the words start too fall off the book so i shut it and lay my head down and fall asleep. i wake up 10 mins later too people talking but i couldnt understand them. too me they were speaking in clicks, and i could only hear sortin words that i knew. and with all this i could hear my name being whispered in my ear really fast, richard richard richard, is what it said. i lost sense of what was going on and didnt care i just wanted it too be over. after about 30 mins i was in a total lost of reality, my friend johnny was in a diffrent place every two seconds, randys face was always on the floor saying richard richard richard really fast and in a whisper. and all the other students were all staring at me like i did somthing wrong. when i woke up at 3:50 it was time too go and johhny and randy helped me too the door too wait for the buses too come. so i started too take my wallet out of my pocket and give johnny gift cards and he would hand them back saying that he didnt want it. they told me they were gunna take me home so i could cool down before i went home, i guess i didnt like that and pushed johhny down and ran back inside. and hide in a bathroom, johhny followed and came in and told me too wait here so he could get my backpack. so as soon as he left i ran too the staff bathroom and hide in there. and fell asleep and had crazy dreams. when i woke up it must have been 4:30 because most people were gone execpt for the sport people. so i stood up and walked around the school and entered the libery thinking it was a fancy resterant that i need too tip well. so i took out all of my cash (180$) and layed it on the ground in the middle of the libery and walked out. and saw my friend josh trying too get inside banging on the door but it was locked, but i just walked away because i didnt really care. and walked back down the way i came, and josh came back in threw i diffent door and we did some handshake that was odd too me. and i guess i ditched him and went back the way i came and found a firehydrogen and picked it up and threw it down the hall. the sounds were amazing too me and it was really cool seeing it fly. so i went too the lockeroom ands tore down the sports pictures that i didnt like and layed them there on the ground. i entered the gym and found that i could do anything with out any problems. so i went up too the catwalk and took my shoes off and dropped them down and watch them glide down to earth. i guess i sat up on the catwalk for 45 mins just talking too myself about the world and how i feel about it. i let my mind race and then i felt weird i started hear car crashes all around me and footsteps so i went to ground level an lay down on the gym floor. and took my pants off too my boxers. i layed there for 30 mins watching stuff move and shape but then i felt the life being pulled from me and it hurt this happend for 10 mins untill my mom showed up, three cleaners, some asian guy, and a two paramedics. they strapped me and a strecher and took me too a ambulence and they took off. i lost the motion in my body execpt for my head. so the paramedics started mimicing me and saying everything i did. it was pissing me off so i told the paramedic too fuck off and he said "There you go, he finally gets it" i didnt know what he ment at all.but we got too the hospitel and i got put in the bed and fell in too a dream state in were i was the mother of a unborn child and was now in laber and about too give birth. it was a painful feeling and i wanted too get out of it. so later that night i got too go home and everything really worked itself out, other then i got suspened for 5 days, had too take drug rehab classes, and told the cops who sold me the stuff when i was tripped out.

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