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Beacon Hill Park

My best friend, Amanda, and I split a quarter of some pretty good mushrooms.

My best friend, Amanda, and I split a quarter of some pretty good mushrooms. We both ventured to a fairly large park (Beacon Hill Park), complete with an ocean view. We ate them within 20 minutes on a rock and then we began to go towards a huge hill that overlooks the ocean. As we ascended, the trees, the tall grass, the flowers and the bushes looked magnificent in the sunlight. When we reached the hill, we laid down in the grass and stared into the blue sky. Suddenly, faint flower patterns appeared in the sky and we both started into in a fit of giggles. after 15 min, we had to leave the hill to use the washrooms.

The clearing near the washrooms were also very beautiful. We started to walk towards a bench in a patch of sunlight when I stopped and stared at a group of trees. I felt a strange force drawing me to the trees. I started to walk towards them and I could hear them calling me when Amanda told me to sit on the bench because people were looking at us (lol). I sat on the bench and stared at the landscape. Soon, the trees began to breath and expand. Everything merged together like a watercolour painting. After what seemed like an eternity, we tried to leave the clearing - but we found ourselves back at the bench. WE tried several times to get out, but we kept walking in a huge circle. AFter some time, we went back to our hill and sat on a bench. We observed the ocean and people. The ocean glittered and sparkled and I felt completely happy and peaceful. We started to run when we decided to go down a path surounded by trees. For some reason, I believed that I was in Ireland and that we must find leprecauns! Unfortunately, we didn't find leprecauns, but Amanda found a little hole in a bush and decided to crawl inside. As soon as we entered, I felt like we entered a new world. We crawled through the bush and I realized that I was a giant in a miniture forest! We crawled around, sang, screamed and laughed. I felt that I knew everything about everything... that I finally understood myself and the world. We both came to the conclusion that people are driven by the force of doing what makes them feel good and that everyone is selfish. WE also stated that being selfish is important in order to survive. I wish I could remember everything else I learned... but honestly, it all seemed to have left my mind the second I fell asleep. Overall, the trip was just utterly amazing!

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