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First Trip Very Fun

First time on shrooms. Fucking Awesome.

So, I have only tripped once, but as I have gotten into this site more, reading the tip reports, trying to get to know more about mycology in general, (I don't know shit) and overall just kind of exploring, I thought it was time to wrtite my own.

As I said, I have only taken shrooms once, to date, but It was one of the best experiances of my life. (even if I don't remember most of it...)

The plan was, that me, my friend (lets call him alec) and my other friend (lets call him alex) would first hotbox alec's bathroom (his mom was out of town in china) and then me and alex would split an eigth of mushrooms.(unknown strain) Alec had already taken some the day before, so he did not take any that night. After about 4 hours of just wandering around seattle, we bought our $30 sack for the bathroom (just enough to be having a good time) and then we called alec's dad to come pick us up.  We were going to be sleeping in the yard in a tent, so it was easy to sneak out and get to his mom's house, which was conveniantly located less than 3 blocks away. I don't recall what we did from about 7:00 PM to about 11:00 PM when we headed out to the tent, but it happend, so thats all that really matters I guess.

We snuck out at about 11:30 when alec's dad was presumably asleep, and then hurriedly crept to his mom's house. Once inside, I started to realize how awesome this night was going to be. Mushrooms were the thing I had wanted to take most after starting my adventures into weed. I had always wanted to do them, and there had been a couple times when we were supposedly going to get some, and then having the situation not happen. Anyway, I was pretty excited. I was not worried about a bad trip or anything, and I didn't really think it was a possibility, but then again, a lot of people don't expect to have a bad trip when they do trip. Anyway, we got inside, and then proceded to set up the bathroom for smoking. Mainly, we just took out all the cloth. The bathroom was too big for hotboxing, but it was still fun to get it slightly hazy. We smoked about, oh, i don't know, about a dub, and then we broke for snacks. Whenever we do this, we are all basically just saying that we're done, even if we all agree that we are going to go back and smoke more. In the kitchen, i was eating some brown sugar, when i remembered what this whole night was about. I asked alec if he had brought the shrooms, and he said yes, pulling out a small bag, with some tin foil in it. i opened up the foil, and inside were some mushrooms, bluish in color, i looked at one and just smiled. Being in the altered state I was in at the time, I did not think to mix them with anything...It was not pleasent. After splitting up the amount, and giving alex the rest i just stuffed them all into my mouth, and promptly gagged horribly. I forced myself to chew, and then when they were all down, I just had an incredible feeling of hapiness that It was actually happening.

My main objective in drugs has just been to see shit. I like to smoke during night more than day just because it is alot easier to see trails and things, and just stuff like that. Im not saying I wont smoke during day, because lets face it, you're not ever going to say no to weed. Anyway, i remember leaving the house after putting up alec's shower rail about 2 feet off the ground and proclaiming it was high enough, and then we went back to the tent. At this point, we were back in the tent, and alec said that he also had some salvia. We had neither extract nor a good enough lighter to try and smoke it, so he put them in syrup and told me to stuff 20 leaves into my mouth and just chew, then to let it sit for about 30 minutes. I did not know what I was eating, but i did know that it was horrible. In foresight, i must have only had the leaves in my mouth for about a minute, and then had swalloed them. This was about 15 minutes after I had taken the mushrooms, and then I must have passed out or something, because I don't remember a period of time, and then, I woke up.  the first thing I noticed was that as I was looking at the ceiling of the tent, I realized that it was slowly spinning in a circle. Everything had a bluish tint in my vision, and I wasn't sure what was going on. I thought to myself, "this weed is fucking crazy", and then I rememberd the shrooms. With an explosion of color and lights, my whole perspective changed into something it could never have been before. I realized that I had taken mushrooms, and then realized what this was. It was awesome, because I was still coherant enough to know what it was like before I took them, so I was all like, this is reeeaaaaly fucked up. I remember looking over at alex, and seeing him crunched into the side of the tent, twitching, and hiccuping. It was at this point that I was closest to a bad trip. I told myself that it would all be better in the morning, and then forgot all about him. At some point i started listening to music ( a mix disc that included some pink floyd, some beatles, and possibly some marvin gaye...?) when i realized that i wanted to listen to speak to me/breath by pink floyd. If anybody remembers the song, it starts out with a bunch of random sounds, and then slowly works its way up until you hear a very loud scream. On weed, whenever I listen to this song, I get very scared, i get worried, and I think that something bad will happen. On shrooms, It was the best sound of my life. Right after the scream, some guitar comes in, with an echo effect on, and it was crazy, because I was hearing echoes of echoes. Anyway, I went inside to get alec's ipod, and was sidetracked by the sight of his bathroom. I went inside, and saw the tub, and though it was the strangest thing i had everey seen. I don't even know why. Im not sure what happened after that, but I was in the tent listening to speak to me/breathe, and I noticed my hearing was more fucked up than i thought. I was hearing in static, like i was listening to the radio. I remember feeling like a snake, and i felt awesome, needless to say. I fell asleep eventually, which sucks, but tommorow is #2. I cant wait.



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