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The Adventure of A Thousand Lifetimes.

What my girlfriend and I did on our first trip!

Ok, so hi all, i dont really know where to start, at the beginning i guess. A few months ago i got spores from Ralphsters (Brazillian Strain) and grew them PF-Tek in 3 small cakes. Everything went as smooth as possible and i ended up getting around 8G dry from all 3 cakes on the first flush i'd say. After they were mostly dry, me, my girlfriend and my friend all had some to try them, the taste etc... We mostly felt a threshold lv 1 effect. After having them completely cracker dry for a week or so i decided to trip with my girlfriend on a small dose, just 1.9G for me, and 1.2 for my girlfriend, we were looking for a lv 2, maybe lv 3 trip... and from everything i've read that's about where we should have been, but if only we knew....
 So, Sunday comes, I have our shrooms in little baggies and i waited for my girlfriend to finish work at 3, we had it already planned, to go to the lake and eat them, wash them down with OJ and have a good time while a few other friends got drunk and stoned. It was getting closer to 3pm, so i got my car ready (where we go is a drive from where we live, and you can park your car there while listening to music etc) With a matress, blanket and pillows for in the back, got a techno mp3 and made the trip to get some food (chocolate and candy, as well as some V energy drinks) and thought about going to McDonalds to get 2 cheeseburgers to put our shrooms in to eat.
 So everything runs smoothly, my girlfriend and I are sitting at the lake at 3:20pm Sunday, we also have her sister there to look after us incase something stupid happens, and 2 of my mates there one drinking the other getting stoned. We Decide to have half of our Shrooms each, on our burger, just incase they were "strong" haha... they tasted really good on cheeseburgers, couldn't taste anythingbut the crunchyness of dry shrooms.
 A Half hour goes by.... we begin to wonder if Anything is different, if i grew weak shrooms, or our dose was just too low. We had the rest of our shrooms 10 minutes later, it's now 4pm, and nothing.
 While the time goes by, we still feel nothing... then it hits... 4:15, almost an hour after our initial dose we started noticing how unusually sparkley the water was, with the reflection of the afternoon sun on it. By 4:30 everything almost becomes a blur, i freaked out so bad, my girlfriend was just jumping around crazy sayin how she's starting to trip, kept waving her hands infront of her face, and the ammount of information streaming into my head was almost too much, i was focussing on every detail, every sound, every smell, every emotion, all at once. I needed to get away from her for a minute just to clear my head, so i asked nicely could she please give me a little space.  And i went to sit in my mates car, while she danced around (while fishermen stared at her, adding to my paranoia).
 After this point I lost sense of time altogether until 8:30, but that's further on in my adventure, in what i guess was between 15 minutes to half an hour, i had control of myself and was completely tripping hardcore, it was like the world was throwing so many details into my brain trying to kill me, soffocate me... but i was still alive, and went on that thought, and got up and laid in the back of my car where i'd set up the bed with my girlfriend joining me. She couldn't stop closing her eyes, and saying how she could still see her hands, i closed my eyes, and saw sharp patterns moving too eratically to make any sense of. And then, thank god, it all changed.
 The way my brain interpretted the world around me changed.... from being forced to see things i never should have been seeing, it was like someone said to me "look, i'm showing you this for a reason, it's ok"... and suddenly i was filled with the most profound love, i all at once was swept away by how beautiful the sunset was, how amazing the techno music i was listening to was making me feel, how much i loved my girlfriend and how much i knew that was mutual. I was now being embraced by the world, not smothered by it, all the senses i was feeling, changed from being thrown at me, to gently caressing me, showing me something new and extrodinary. I was blown away by how the clouds looked, and how the sun was changing thier colours, and how it reflected off the lake, like it was a TV, but so much more real, gods TV... and we had front row seats to the beauty of the creation infront of us. The patterns that i saw with my eyes closed slowed right down, and were no longer frightening, but beautiful. And i saw them just as clearly in bright daylight as i did with my eyes closed. The music was running through my veins making me feel so alive, so awake. Like i've spent my entire life in a state of half asleep, and this was it, this is what it was like to feel alive, feel awake, and notice the things in the world that usually pass me by.
 My girlfriends sister and my friends left, they wanted to go for a drive (so much for looking after us eh) And while they were gone, all my girlfriend and I did was giggle, embrace eachother, and talk about how much love there is in the world, how amazing love is, and how perfect everything felt, how we wished we could stay like that forever, and live with that awareness, that complete inner peace, in our normal daily lives.
  The music kept making us feel more intensely alive, with so much energy just pumping through us, yet quite happy to just lay there, watch the view, and feel it pumping through our veins. The guys all came back from the drive... And i needed to pee, badly. haha
 So We walked around, layed around, sat around or whatever talked to our friends who were back, and wished they could see the world as we did,  as the shrooms took over and kept upping the energy and the trip to another level, we were prepared to go headfirst into anything, we felt like gods. We watched the sun set, and my girlfriend cried because she loved the focal point of the sun, and i cried too, because i loved the warmpth and light that it had, as the sun set it was truly like god had painted a picture... just for us to admire and appreiate, and what a picture it was. We said our goodbyes to the sun (which by this stage was dancing, and my girlfriend said it talked to her at one stage) and wished it well on it's return tomorrow.
 Then one by one the stars came out, my mate got real stoned, and i just saw right through him... why he was fucking himself up on pot so much, and how sad my girlfriends sister was, because she wanted someone to love her for who she was... It was like i could see through all the masks everyone wears and see right into their souls. Then my girlfriend wanted to pee, so after alot of effort and random thoughts which kept disagreeing with eachother, i got up and we went to pee, she found a place to pee, and it was really grassy, magically grassy, and flourescent green. Then i realised it was full of weeds, and old litter and what not.... and was amazed at how i had the ability to switch between these views, one of which was magical and beautiful, and the other was how it looked normally, thanks to all the man made trash.
 Then my girlfriend wanted me to pee, i didnt know if i really wanted to anymore, i felt another twang of paranoia, like everyone was watching me, and suddenly didn't want to go... So i explained how we must go look for a certain tree, because thats what guys do... they find a certain tree, then they piss on it, that's how it works... so we went looking for a tree (leaving our friends at the lake) i eventually found a certain tree and knew it was the one, and relieved myself of my hour long burden, damn it felt good. Then my girlfriend's jaw dropped, and she just stood looking into the forest... i looked at her, then int he direction she was looking, and instantly knew what she was looking at.... 3 lone trees stood in a clearing, surrounded by weeds and brush, Swaying to the wind... it looked like they were crying, wanting to not be killed by the surrounding weeds, and were determined to stand thier ground together. MY girlfriend was sure they were alien trees, crying for home... Wanting to excape the place they were in, i looked at them like they were how the world should have been, before another man introduced species (The weeds) took over the area. Then my girlfriend reminded me we were tripping on shrooms, and this is what its like.. and that's all thanks to the spores that i grew into the shrooms i ate earlier, which blew my mind somewhat.
 So we stood there for what felt like forever, feeling so many mixed emotions about the trees, then we decided to go back because we heard some people (sounding very drunk) singing that new song "she wants it" by 50 cent. And realised we must have been gone a while, and other people must have arrived to our party. Upon returning, we were let down by just seeing our friends sitting talking, and didn't understand where the sound came from.... but disreguarded it, and just looked around at the stars and the moon, which were now well on thier way to glowing so brightly.
 Then i had some thoughts, the best i could describe as thoughts from gods perspective (i'm not religious at all by the way... yet i couldn't help but compare things to "god" many many times) about how (s)he gave humans the freedom of choice, so we could gain wisdom, yet all we focused on was ourselves... we didn't take a second to stop and look at all the magic in the world, the magic of a flower in bloom, or a sunset, or the billion stars we see each night, we were too busy focusing on working and money and random crap that we can't take with us when we die... and i thought about how people work so hard, spend so much time and energy on work and careers yet none on thier families, and if they did die then thier work would replace them within a few weeks, and not be missed at all, yet thier family and friends would suffer the loss for years, how ironic.
 I thought about how un-natural the things humans make are, how you can instantly pic bewteen a plastic bag, and a blade of grass, and see how much more amazing of an "invention" the grass was over the plastic bag, i tried to tell this to my friends but i knew they wouldn't understand, i was shroomin hardcore.
 After a few hours of seeing the world by a new profound perspective, my friend said it was 8:30, and they were getting bored, this amazed me, for what i felt i had learned over the last few hours, seemed like not just one lifetime but a thousand of them, in just a few hours... all packed in together. I talked about this with my girlfriend, and she said that she noticed everything was kinda like Tenacious D and the pick of Destiny (one of our favourite movies) about how theres different scenes and different goals like "the quest" etc.... and it was strange how we didn't notice that before, yet how it made perfect sense, how everything we did we did so because of a goal, which became another goal, and we talked about fate for a while.
 Then the trip started to go downhill... for one very simple reason... I noticed that me and my girlfriend were no longer actually talking to eachother, at some point along the line we stopped talking as ourselves, and started talking to eachother like we were one person. Like because we knew exactly what eachother was thinking, and that they'd know that we'd know it, we just talked as one person, (if that makes sense?)  And as soon as we noticed this it blew our minds...we had E.S.P!!!  And were 100% spot on each time. It was crazy, we joked about it and laughed about it... then it got annoying.... REALLY annoying. I wanted to just be myself, and so did my girlfriend. It turned into a repetitive pattern that we were sick of being able to read eachothers thoughts, say what we were going to say, etc. And no matter whether we were away from eachother or right next to eachother, it was just as bad, we needed a new scenery, it was around 9pm by this stage, and we were sick of techno and sick of the repetition, we needed to change the set and setting, so we decided to pack up the back of my car, clean up as much sand as we could, get all our shit which we scattered around the place (shoes, clothes etc) and go to my mates house....
 Driving while shrooming is a BAD choice... haha, apparently i was driving fine, and most of the way to my mates house is a dirt track anyway, so it wasn't so bad. But i couldn't for the life of me make a decision. So we made it there in one piece, and we went to my mates room and sat around talking for a little bit, and me and my girlfriend were much better, less frustrated. So we watched ourselves in the mirror of his bathroom, which was really cool, watching my face morph all over the place, i wasn't freaked out at all... i loved seeing things melt and warp, it amazed me how my brain could interpret things from the shrooms like that... i did that for around 10 minutes, then we went to my mates room again, and we decided of all movies to watch the butterfly effect. It was intense, we felt everything the characters did, and felt so sorry for everyone, and how that guy just wanted everything to work nice but no matter how hard he tried, it wouldnt. We felt fine, but were most definately still trippin, nowhere near as hard, as before... no visuals, just emotions and feelings, and huge pupils ofcourse.
  So we went home after the movie finished, and i was fine driving this time, almost come down (was around midnight) and went to my  girlfriends room, and talked about how amazing the trip was, how we learnt so much, and went through so much... And survived it, we both knew that our lives wouldn't ever be the same again, and were amazed that at 3pm, i went to get cheeseburgers.... what felt like not just a lifetime ago, but many lifetimes ago....
 We layed there, and my girlfriend could still have closed eye visals, i couldn't see anything but the usual black with dots... my mind was racing still, thinking about the events earlier, and i found it difficult to go to sleep, i got up at 7:30am, for work, and my breakfast never tasted so good, i knew right then and there that that day, monday, was the beginning of the rest of my life.

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