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1st Time, No Regrets

I'm a freshman in college, and adjusting to being about 700 miles from my friends and family was (and is) pretty dificult.

I'm a freshman in college, and adjusting to being about 700 miles from my friends and family was (and is) pretty dificult. So I was feeling really bored and ready to get high, but i couldn't find any substances that would do the trick. I, in my desperation and boredom, came accross instructions for growing shrooms on the web. YES!!! So, after nurturing and caring for my fungus friends I finally had my first crop. I was really lucky, because the day i had decided to ingest turned out to be one of the prettiest, nicest days of the year so far. I ate 1 large mushroom, and 1 medium one outside sitting outside behind my dorm in a park. While waiting for it to come on i remember thinking that perhaps it wouldn't work, maybe i didn't take enough...etc. However, about 20 min after ingestion I suddenly noticed little sparks flashing around in my field of vision. After watching these sparks for a while i decided to get up and walk around. My mind started working really fast and i remember thinking, "wow! does my mind always work like this and we just don't usually notice it?" I seemed to notice multiple levels of conciousness, kind of like thousands of cable wires carrying and sorting millions of pieces of information and i was at liberty to pick which "wire" i wanted to focus on at the moment. After realizing that i had been standing still, contemplating this and staring out into space I decided to go back to my room. I entered the building into an extrememely long, badly lit hall. Immediately I was on a roller coaster!! The hall began to tilt, and wave sinously, like the inside of a worm. After calming my initial panic and marveling at this phenomena I finally made it back to my room. I listenened to some funny music: Ween. and watched some trippy screen savers for a while. I had some cool visuals and closed eye voice/pattern experiences which kept me interested for what seemed like hours... I had heard that while on shrooms one can often resolve emotional issues. My (ex)girlfriend of the last 4 years had just broken up with me about a month and a half before this, and i was still very, very broken up about this. I tried to contemplate it, but i was suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of depression and rejection. I knew i had to stop thinking about this, so i went across the hall to a friend's room. I immediately cheered up and found that hanging out with friends is the best thing you can do on shrooms!!! I felt total empathy for everyone i was with. It was like we were sharing some secret, special joke that only we were aware of.

Have fun everyone!!!
p.s. Peeing is the coolest when your on shrooms!!! It feels totally CRAZY!!!

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