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The Mothervan

First time tripping, new favorite drug

    Well the first time i ever tripped was one of the most memorable and amazing experiences of my life. It was with my friends Joe and Pat who had done mushrooms several times before and Steve who had never done them. We each ate an eith around 8 oclock at night and sat in Joes room listening to music, waiting. We decide to go to the store to get supplies for the night. On the way out of the house we told Joes mom we were getting ciggarettes and would be back soon, if only she knew. We got to the store and Pat and Joe were feeling it already but me and Steve werent sure if we were. We drove over to the next town to get some herb from a friend. I started to trip as soon as i entered his house, it was a whole new world to me. As he was weighing out the bags his kids came running up to me talking to me about some nonesense i couldnt understand. The wood walls started to flow and bleed and Joe asked me what i was looking at as it was running on the floor. I told him and he burst out laughing uncontrollably and said to me "we need to get out of here its trippin me out". We left and went to another gas station, i have no idea why. At this point we are all tripping hard and the road was turning green and i kept  saying we were going through a swamp in a boat. We all stared at the neon signs at the store and laughed obnoxiously standing outside looking in the windows. We must have looked like a mess, watching all the people inside not going in and then just leaving.

    Eventually we end up back in Joes driveway just sitting in the van with music playing. We were all talking a mile a minute about the most random things ever laughing for minutes at a time. For the first hour of the trip all we did was look at eachother and laugh. Soon after we all started getting many visuals and talking about them, sharing some of them. Pat looks at my and says "hey man, your pants are breathing! look!" so we all stared at my pants for a good few minutes chuckling, in awe of the breathing pants. Everything in the van was moving and changing colors, but it wasnt a rapid change things happened slowly. Most of my visuals came from looking out the windows at the night sky and the trees. I remember the trees were the coolest thing i had ever laid my eyes on. I would look at the burn holes in Joes back seats and they seemed to go on forever and i shouted out that the holes didnt stop randomly. Everyone looked at me with this dumbfounded look on there face and i just laughed, making them laugh. We were all having a great time telling stories and just describing what we were seeing when Pat took an axe can, and lit the spray on fire without telling us he was going to. This was absolutly wild and blew my mind away completely. I could actually feel myself trip harder after that especially the body high. I remember saying "burning, burning, still buring, burning, oh its out"  because i thought a tiny portion of the chair was on fire. this was sort of embarressing because everyone thought i was freaking out but i quickly told them it didnt bother me, it wasnt my van that was on fire.

    Now we have been tripping for about 2 hours and decide to smoke some of the herb we purchases. Pat broke it up and tried toroll it into a blunt which was unsuccessful. after about 20 minutes he told us he couldnt do it. Joe took control and tried and failed after about an equal time. We all tried at least once but for some reason we couldnt conquer the blunt. We called our ftriend Mark to come hang out with us but what we really wanted was for him toroll the blunt. He came and immediatly was pissed because he wanted totrip too. He rolled us the blunt, smoked, and chilled with us for the rest of the night. He took us for rides around town so we could just take everything in.   

    By the tail end of our peak we concidered the van our home. We named it the mothervan and vowed to never leave. We would be completely self sufficient in the van for the rest of our lives. We became part of the van and i actually grew roots into it. At this point Steve threw up outside and all of us just watched like it was TV. For some reason him puking was actually entertaining but we all felt bad for him and told him hed be fine. He didnt care he told us he was starting to trip harder. We all got out of the van and decided to go inside and watch The Wall. As soon as we stepped outside of the van i watched Joes garage melt, and get all over my shoes. I wanted to go on an adventure and weall walked around the yard for a while just talking and laughing. His yard which we all were familiar with was the strangest thing we had ever seen. After our adventurewe watched The Wall but unfortunatly we were post peak at this point. it was still an amazing movie and i still had a strong body high. We ended the night by playing guitar hero and passing out around 2 in the morning, exhausted.   

    It  was an absolutly amazing experience and after it i felt closer to my friends. Im still best friends with these kids and still talk about the mothervan night. Since then i have tripped a handful of times we different people but none have come close to being as fun as that night. I even went to a 13 person trip party but i think that small groups of people is more fun. My friends always wanted to recreate the trippin night but so far it hasnt worked out. But with holloween comming up in a few weeks im extremely excited about trippin for it with my best friends.

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