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Crazy first trip

This was probably the most intense thing I had experienced...

Okay, let me tell you about the first time I ever did shrooms.
Well, I thought I knew what I was going to expect, and boy was I WRONG.

So I took them with one of my friends at another one of my friend's houses (he was having a
bad day so he decided to skip out on it). At about nine thirty, my friend and I took the
shrooms in the form of a croissant sandwich (yummm). Anyways, I took about 3 grams, which
my friends said might be too much for me for my first time, but I insisted, so they gave way.
Was that ever a huge mistake. About 15 minutes later, both of my friends started toking up
some dank weed, but I declined, because I wanted to experience the shrooms by themselves.
By then, I wasn't really feeling anything, so I sat down and listened to another one of my
friends read us Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland." She wasnt on anything, it was actually
a total coincidence. By the time she started talking about some mouse telling a story to
Alice, the shrooms hit me. And it wasn't just "oh, I think the shrooms kicked in," it was more
like, "WOW, I'm on shrooms now." It started off with me just staring at my friend's ceiling,
watching the glow in the dark stars blend together and create completely senseless, but at
the same time, amazingly meaningful patterns. After that I went out into his living room, and
saw the entire room actually shimmer, it was the coolest thing. Just then, having heard
about the great colored effects outside on plats and flowers and such, I decided to take a
walk. So I went out, and everything seemed like I was in some tropical, lit up forest,
and it was the happiest place on Earth. The sky was breathing with me, and the stars were
dancing around the back of my eyelids when i blinked. Eventually, I went back inside, and I
remember my friends telling me to calm down, that I had way too much energy, so we all
decided to go on another walk, this one lasting what seemed like hours, but was actually
probably only 20 minutes. After we got back, the only thing that I remember before my trip
totally changed, was my friend seemed to pull his nose out from his face. After that, I
remember going to the bathroom, seeing myself tripping, and started to freak out for apparently
no reason. The bathroom was rapidly morphing colors and textures, and the mirror seemed to be
made of liquid. The rest of it became a blur in my mind, and the only really solidly vivd thing
I remember is breaking a pipe in my friend's sink. Then I really started to freak, thinking
I was never going to get out of this state, and that everything I saw tonight was simply
a sign that I may have taken way too much. Eventually, my friends realized what was going on,
and helped me calm down, which they succeeded in doing.
To make a long story short, the beginning of my trip was one of the most fascinating things
I have ever experienced, and the end of it the most terrifying. While I was under the influence,
I swore I would never touch mushrooms again. However, back in consensus reality, I
think that the other part could easily be avoided next time, now that I know what to
expect. I don't regret any of it. :]

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