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Here comes the sun

Amazing trip.

I planed to have my first trip in the morning so i wouldn't freak out.
At  8:00 a.m. i ate 1.3 grams of dried homegrown shrooms.
I had no idea what i was in for.

Me and my friend drove up to the golf course around 8:25.
I started to feel a euphoric rushing sensation as we got out of the car.
We walked in the clubhouse my  three freinds paid for the game( I didn't play just walked with them)
We went over to the putting green and they putted around.
I still had the strange rushing feeling. It felt really good.

Then i looked into the sky. Thats when i knew it was hitting me.
I was listining to the beatles and it made me feel so good.
The sky had a kalidoscope type visual thing going on.
When my friend would swing his club i could see the after image of his swing.
I was still amazed by what was going on.

I look at a tree and it was morphing and it seemed to be breathing. I looked at my clock and it was 9:05.
We went up to the first hole and there was a puddle an it turned itnto a fast flowing stream and then into a waterfall. My mind was blown.
i looked at my clock and it was 9:13. It felt like it had been 3 hours. I didnt understand how this could be.
Everything started to look psychedelic and fractal like.
I was soooo happy. The trees were dancing to my beatles music and everything was alive and happy. I could see everything growing.
It was the best 30 mintues of my life.
Then for about 5 minutes i was more scared than i have everybeen before. There were soo many eyes in the sand. They were all moving.
Then i started peaking. So many thoughts were pouring into my head at once.
Visuals were strong and psychedelic patterns were forming on the grass.
Time started to mean nothing. I came down around 11:30 and i just felt really stoned. It was amazing.

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