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i went with school

So at the beginning of my summer vacation, a group of about 24 students, 5 teachers, and I took an "educational" trip to, Amsterdam (to visit Anne Frank's house), Paris, and Germany.

So we get to Amsterdam, and for dinner, we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. haha of all places. After dinner, we were given about an hour of free time to go roam around, unsupervised. My buddy Richard and I, went into a Smartshop. we each bought our own eighth oz of wet Hawaiian Cyanescens. we began to eat them in a coffee shop. but they kicked us out. So after we finished them.

I've always thought that wet shrooms doesn't make u trip as much as dried. but i was completely wrong in this case. So once we got back to the cafe, to re-group, (about an hour later) richard and i had well began our journey. our teacher was talking about something which i wasn't listening to, because i was to distracted by the movement of the rocks in the ground.

when the tram arrived, both the bus stop and the tram were moving in and out at 10 ft at a time. (like the breathing affect). my teacher kept trying to talk to me, but i was in no state to talk. so i just turned on my ipod and watched a snowboarding video.

So we get to our hotel (Hem to be specific), and me, richard and our roomate, jordan, went up to the room. Jordan and I kept spontaneously looking at eachother, and he kept rubbing his nose. i asked him if he snooted some yayo. he said that he was on mushrooms. i told about me and richard on shrooms. so we both started laughing histerically.

Meanwhile, richard is wandering around the hallways, in the form of an alter ego.

At this point, i got extremely paranoid, because my pupils were so dilated, and i thought that for sure we would get caught, when teachers come around for room checks.

When this time arrived i was at my peak. our teacher was lecturing us. i think she may have been talking about what we were doing the next day. but everything she said, sounded like jiberish. i just kept wispering to my self things like, "help me" "i can talk" and "who are you, and how do i speak to you."

Fortunately, we didn't get caught. and we were all trippin the FUCK out. if you've taken shrooms before, you've probably notices how, rocks on the ground move, fairly slowly. well this time i stared at the carpet, and it looked like a bunch of maggots were crawlin around. a truly magnificent site.

then i had this vision sort of thing. it was a different world, and everybody moves, and reacts at an intensly fast rate. and life is based off of this GIANT black orb. im not sure what the substance it was made from was. but every time i've tripped, i have had this same vision. im still trying to figure out what the substance is (i think it may be symbolic).

for some reason i kept getting cramps in my gooch. so i kept drinking water, and pissing out colors, (red, green, blue, neon magenta).

Now, me and jordan decided to re-do the slomo matrix scene. that was fun. it worked really well. we could also grab balls of energy and throw them at eachother. like baseball.

All of the sudden, i lost my ability to see, and then it felt like my soul had merged with the universe. i could fly around in the form of a light beam. so i met up with richard and jordan, and we flew all around the univese. we gained so much insight. we even flew around the alps too.

so later (it seemed like forever) i came out of my sightless state, and we could all recall the same experience.

Eventually, we tried to go to bed. and i kept hearing trippy ass music in my head. like from the circus. i finally fell asleep.

anyways, fun night. felt so good the next day.


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