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A life changer

Last sat I ate some shrooms with 2 of my best friends.

Last sat I ate some shrooms with 2 of my best friends. after an hour I asked for some more cuz it was my first time but they had done it before and told me to wait. After a little while I started to see shit moving and waving and my buddy said he was having a bad trip and he threw up cuz we found out we ate way too much. Well I threw up too but after words We layed in a row and watched the sun set. Everything was a kolydoscope veiw. I loved it. I felt like I was close to god and heavan. I felt like all of my questions were answered. i also felt an incredible bond between me and my buddies. After the endless sun set ended we walked around in the woods and decided that we were gonna be natural for now on. When we were on our way to the woods a guy came out of no where and started talking to us and the trippiest part was we all saw him. We then built a fire and much like the indians did, saw visions and shit. The next day one of my other buddies and me smoked a joint in the same place we saw the sun go down thre night before and I had vibes that were sooo strong I felt like I wanted to trip for now on. I lovved it. I fucking loved my trip and IM gonna do it agian. Im gonna do some mushroom hunting this weekend. Peace love and harmony to all and keep them shrooms a growning!!!!!!

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