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EQ home grown - first trip

My first trip after succesfully growing EQ pf tek style

-I have accidentally posted this in the psychedelic experience forgetting that there is a trip report section. I believe this to be level 3, if its not then feel free to move it to level 2


Doesn't that look well, absolutely horrible. The taste of the shrooms overpowered everything, even the eating just the wrap without any shrooms i could taste em!

Right now that I'm sober i might be able to get this down a little better.

At around 5pm i finished eating half of my Greek wrap of my shrooms and chicken fried rice, even though i tasted awful i kept going and after half of it finished, gave myself a rest.

The strange thing though was that before i made the wrap i had a test taste of 1 of the shrooms, i bit of a couple of bites of stalks to taste it. Was awful but i seemed to get a brief buzz after swallowing it.

Went to the van got ice cream and crisps and back up to the flat and started to notice a huge body buzz, this was only after about 10 minutes of finishing the first half (started eating at 4:50) shortly after things started getting brighter then my vision started tinting, but not to one specific color, it seemed to cycle through colors from red through to blue.

My girlfriend came in at around 5:45 and this is when i was getting pretty strong breathing of everything, by then the computer screen was way to bright and all the warping and letters moving up and down was too much so started watching TV. Fresh prince of bell air was on.

I sat next to my girlfriend on the couch, everything was breathing heavily very liquidy, was getting audio hallucination's as well. Every now and then it would be as if one character stuttered or as if a dvd skipped briefly, sometimes the characters didn't make any sense just said mumble jumble. Then at the end of the show, the audio went completely out of SYNC!!!!!! with the video!!!!!! which kinda frightened me a little.

All while this is going on my girlfriend is having a conversation with me and i can hear her perfectly normal, she looks fine she is not breathing or anything, she is fine, its like there is a bubble around us where the hallucination's are outside that bubble which was great.

At around 7ish she left to have dinner at her parents (that hour and a half she was there felt like forever)and the hallucination's got stronger.

It seemed to came down a bit after that so i decided to eat the rest and took 15 minutes to eat the rest. And 10 minutes after that it kicked into high gear again.

I went for a smoke in the spare room and at first i didn't like, it seemed a very lonely place, when i looked at the carpet, the designs on it seemed very bright and to start to form something, then something began to form swirling around which began to look like ghosts or something so i looked at the wall and the wall started warping and showing patterns.

Then back in the living room, the new episode of top gear that i had missed was on catch up tv so started watching that. The cars sounded amazing!! and was so funny. I got distracted somewhere and misted a bit of it, then decided i should really have a shower and a shave. So put the shower on.

Before i went into the shower i had a shave, which was a bad idea, i had quite a thick mustache and goatee which is quite hard to shave sober. It became very frustration as the bath steamed up and i felt that i was taking tons of hair of then it was getting stuck all over my face and got really frustrating at not being able to see myself in the mirror and the razor kept getting clogged up, also the sound of the shower kept changing getting louder and distracting. Finally finished and jumped in shower feeling agitated.

So started washing my hair and noticed that the batch looked very dirty and needed washed which got me a bit annoyed, then all of a sudden everything got very bright and happy as i washed my hair (its very long) i took deep breaths and every breath just felt amazing, as i breathed everything just seemed to get super bright and everything breathed with me. Started washing myself with soap and when i got to my legs the hairs on my legs were alive, moving and morphing.

Finished my shower and back into the living feeling refreshed, and very high almost like mdma except extremely powerful still getting really strong visuals.

I tried to close my eyes a few times to some closed eye visuals, but couldn't keep them closed for more than a few seconds. This usually happens if I'm really drunk or really stoned.

At one point i managed to close my eyes for 30 seconds to see some nice colorful patterns which remained for a few minutes when i opened my eyes.

All the distortions started to calm down around 8.30 but i still had the same frame of mind, i gota little depressed for a while and when my girlfriend came back around 9 i was very quiet, feeling tired and quite sore, at first my stomach was sore then it spread to my back and chest. For a brief moment i thought i had poisoned myself and maybe that my mushrooms had went off.But by 10-10,0 i felt normal again although i still had very dilated pupils.

After that i felt good again, just tired and sore and when i went to bed the soreness went away.

There was a brief period where i had many many thoughts running through my head and spent 5 minutes walking between the kitchen and living room trying to do something, not sure what but i was majorly distracted by all the thoughts.

All in all it was a very good trip but there was a few moments it could have went sour, at one point a thought, why am i doing this, i'm gonna fuck myself up. These are way too powerful, and there was a trace thought of how am i gonna cope if i stay like this!.

But i just told myself that i would be fine in a few hours and its all just in my head.

You cant control your trip but u can get yourself thru it if u focus hard enough.

While i thought that i maybe had too much, it wasn't a bad trip, it was for the most part good, it taught me well how much mushrooms should be respected and I'm now not in much of a hurry to try them.

I'm waiting for the next flush of 1 pf cake and for 3 others to pin plus another 3 will be ready to birth - but I'm in no hurry to try them. Maybe in a month or so.

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