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First Timer

Eating shrooms might have been one of the best things i've ever done

Hi Everyone,

My first trip was a blast. It was a long time in the making though. I hadn't ever done them, but I wanted
to so bad I could almost taste it. So one day my girlfriend and I talked about it and decided it would be
fun. We went to Bi-Mart and bought a bunch of "fry toys," like bubbles, balls, those tubes you look into
and turn with all the colors. Then we contacted some people that said they could get us some, but it never
worked out. So weeks had went by and still no luck. Then one night out of the blue a friend came buy her
house wanting to know if we knew anyone who would want to buy some. Of course we said "US!" We
split an 1/8 of dried cubensis. I know this might be a small dose, but it was plenty for my first time. I
mixed mine with frozen "Lime aid." It wasn't too bad. I had a upset stomach for a half hour or so, and
the trip started in about an hour. They were having a party there that night, so we went to her room to see
what was going to happen. The first thing that happened was I was laying on her bed on this big rubber
ball.(about 12") and had my eyes closed and it felt like my head was sinking into the ball. I was almost
getting tired at that point I told my girlfriend to wake me up in 5 minutes if I was to go to sleep. I told her
over and over, I bet I told her 15 times so she wouldn't forget. :) Then we blew bubbles for a while, and
all the colors would swim around and look killer. This went on for about a couple hours. Then she
started to have a bad trip I think. She kept talking about a guy in her head that was controlling her body,
like she was a robot. So I decided we should go join the party, and that might take her mind off the guy
in her head. :) When we came out of her room everyone thought we had just been having sex because I
had a "permagrin" that I could not lose. I sat on the couch and didn't say much, I just listened to everyone
talking. There was about 10 people really close to me having 5 different conversations. And I listened to
ALL of them. I knew what everyone was saying, and talking about. All at the same time. It was pretty
neat. Everyone kept asking me how much I had to drink that night(I guess they thought I was trashed),
So I let them go on thinking that. This went on for a while, staring at things watching them move and
especially the ceiling. I was still wide awake, but everyone else wanted to go to bed. So I put my coat on
and went out on the trampoline. Jumped and Jumped, and watched the stars. Way Cool. I did that for
about an hour I guess then went into my girlfriends room where she was in bed. I still wasn't tired, and
the shrooms were starting to wear off. I cracked open a 40 of beer, and played with the bubbles till the
beer was gone then went to bed. I woke up in the morning feeling great!!!! It was one of the funniest
nights I have had in a long time.

Hope this story helps out a first timer to decide if he/she would like to try shrooms.


p.s. I probably don't have to tell you this, but Lava Lamps are way cool to watch too.

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