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My Friend had a Bad Trip

Make sure you know who you're tripping with!!!

So, I had lots of shrooms, and I invited one of my friends over to trip with me. Mind you, I am female, 5'2 and 115 lbs, this guy was AT LEAST twice my size. One Big Dude. But he was a goofy f*cker, so I thought it would be really fun to trip with him.

I hadn't seen this guy in awhile, so I asked him how his state of mind was and if he had ever had problems tripping before, and he ensured me that he was ok to trip. I ate 9g's, he ate 3 (i do it more often than him).

Everything was going fine, the trip had just started to kick in when he asked if we could go in the room. So, we went in there and I asked him if everything was okay, and once again, he said he was fine. Not even 10 minutes later, the guy wanted to call his mom and tell her he was sorry. I asked, "Sorry for what?" He replied, "For dying."

I was completely thrown off, I had never seen anyone have a bad trip. I just remembered being so confused, and then like a light bulb, I said, "oh my god you're having a bad trip." He said, "I'm in hell, aren't I?"

Since that moment, it was literally second by second that I had to monitor/watch this guy, and I was totally geekin out. It would have been a fantastic trip if I didn't have to babysit this fool. He was on the verge of freaking out and I was so scared for my safety, I seriously contemplated calling the police. I decided to stick it out since I kind of put myself in the situation. First I hid his phone, and then just tried or said anything to keep him calm until the trip was over. It was quite a frikkin obstacle. This guy thought he was in hell, then he thought I was like a demon or his keeper?, then he thought we were at the hospital, he kept looking outside and asking me when it was going to be daylight, he had absolutely no comprehension of time or reality, he thought I had a gun--so he had to see my hands at all times, I couldn't leave his sight cuz he thought I was conspiring against him to kill him, he thought I shot him in the back of the head, he thought he OD'ed on multiple things, and that's just the half of it. Most of the trip he thought he had died and was in the process of passing through, and I was like a guardian helping him. He would trust me sometimes, and then thought I was just lying to him like I was a demon disguised as a guardian. It was crazy! He kept asking me "How did it happen?", "When did it happen?" (he was referring to his death), and he would get so angry when I didn't have the answers, so I either made up stuff or tried to change the subject. He must have asked me AT LEAST 30 times, because he could not remember that he had asked me before. After the trip had reached its peak, it was getting more difficult to control him, so I managed to get a hold of one of his friends to come over and help me out (that was one hell of a task in itself!). His friend came over, the guy was still acting ridiculous, but it was SOOO much better having someone else there to help me because I was so scared handling him by myself.

FINALLY, I told him that he was ready to pass through (I guess to the spirit world?), and the way to do it was to go to sleep. For some reason I thought if he would sleep, it would work like a restart button on his mind. 20 minutes after he fell asleep, he woke up and came in the living room where I was talking to his friend, and was like "Hey what's up guys!" ...like nothing had happened. The reset button worked. lol

It turned out the guy was stressed out from work and had other worries, and had a fear of dieing. WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW. Eesh.

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