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concert trip

I had been wanting to see Phil Lesh and Friends for some time now.

I had been wanting to see Phil Lesh and Friends for some time now. Unfortunately, the show was sold out. But not having anyhting else to do while vacationing in Rhode Island, my cousin (whom i'll call R) and i decided to make the hour long drive to massachusetts anyways.

We arrived at the concert about 2 hours late, because the traffic was horrendous, and because i had just gotten out of a sailing regatta. Arriving late with no tickets, we were relying heavily on luck. Incredibly, right as we got out of my car, we met a scapler who was selling really good tickets for 50 bucks each, and i excitedly bought them. My heart soared. I was soooooo happy. And right after that, i met this guy who was selling shrooms. i bought an eighth for me and then an eighth for R and we ate them in the car, and then went to the show.

We were there about 20 minutes before the trip started to hit me. I felt that familiar giddiness and anxiousness of shrooms combine with the happiness from getting the tickets. I began to see Mayan style carvings in this big concrete pillar to my right, and i looked at my palm and it would move and sway. The music was incredible, they played uncle john's band and china cat sunflower--> i know you rider befor the first set ended.

when the set ended, we went to go get some food. This outdoor amphitheatre reminded me of Disneyworld, and then a dazzling sunset lit an erie glow to the concession stands. There was a band of clouds that illuminated the sunset and made it incredibly beautiful. I then ordered and ate the stalest nachos i had ever had, but the spice from the cheese tasted so good i kept on eating. By this time, R, whom i really dont like, started to piss me off. She got really giddy and acted stupidly. She said stuff like "that person is in all tye-dye." and then would giggle incessantly. She really irritated me, but i decided to not let her ruin my trip, so i ignored her. Eveything and everybody turned a shade of green before the sun went down, and i started to get more intense visuals. There was a little thicket by where we were sitting, and it looked so mysterious to me, i really wanted to go in. But then i heard rustlings in there so i decided not to go in. The wood fences outlining the venue would drip and flow mother of pearl, and it appeared to have faces in it.

When we went back to our seats, it was dark, and they aptly played Dark Star, a song that threw me into harder tripping, maybe because i love that song and always wanted to hear it live. I felt the music and the vibrations of the bass flow around me. People talking all around me sounded really strange. I talked to people next to me, and i really liked the conversations, and for some reason i felt connected with about every person i saw. A brick wall by the stage had cartoonish skeletons dripping from it, and the ceiling of the amphitheater was waving and swaying. And of course, all the colors were intensified and beautiful. This concert was made for people tripping like me. They had spiderweb designs displayed everywhere, and psychedelic patterns that enhanced my trip greatly. By that time i started to ignore my cousin and enjoy the music and people watching. I kept looking around amazed like a little kid.

For some reason, i thought i had pissed myself. I frantically checked my pants and i realized i was ok, but i still had to piss. So i went to the bathroom, and had to go through this area where people dancing. for some reason, they freaked me out, and i began to think about what if i got lost from R and couldnt get back home...this really worried me. I nervously made it to the bathroom, and pissed. That was my first little freak out id ever had on mushrooms. Then i went to wash my hands, but the sink type thing really confused me. It was a circular basin with a fountain in the middle (i think) and i hadnt the slightest idea how to use it...i walked around it for about 2 minutes before leaving.

Finally, when i got back, the music calmed me down. They played Lady with a Fan and Terrapin, and everyone got really excited. Thats when i looked down at the crowd and saw it as a giant field of purple and red tulips swaying in the breeze. I saw a ton of crazy little things like that, and then as the concert ended, i came down. We made it home alright because for some reason R didnt really trip, and she drove us home. It was one of the most intense, yet shortest trips ive ever had- it lasted only about 5 hours.

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