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my 1st trip

i first ate mushrooms....

i first ate some mushroom with 2 good buddies of mine at one of their houses cuz his mom was out of town for the weekend. we got some "gold caps" from a friend of ours. we each ate about an eighth and a half. i ate most of mine on a subway sandwich and it was delicious. about 45 minutes later i notices i was feeling a bit "high". i was feeling good. i was on the couch watchin some tv while the walls were melting. one of my friends was in the bathroom the whole time puking but me or my other friend hadnt noticed. we just kept watching tv. man it was great. then our friend came out saying how it was all a mistake and he was gonna die. no matter how i tried or what i said he wouldnt believe me that if he just calmed down everything would be awesome. so i took him out for a walk. as we were walking through a park, i remember eyeballs popping open in the grass. they looked like they were neon and glowing. sort of hard to describe. i thought this was great though and had to challenge one to a staring contest (which i lost). my friend was still feeling sick so we walked to a pizza place and he got some watter. when we got back our friend who stayed behind was outside just staring at the side of the house. so we decided to go for a drive. our sick friend didnt wanna go, but we convinced him that the drive would calm him down. and it did. well not yet though. we drove fast as hell through town and did donuts in a dirt lot. i was havin a blast as was our shroomin driver, but our sick friend wasnt havin it. so we started to cruise down a canyon road towards the beach. i just remember feeling really really good about everything. and once we got into the canyons our sick friend started feeling better. i remember being able to see my "perfect life" in my mind and all the colors were very vivid. the sand was a bright glowing yellow and the ocean blue. and i was surrounded by women(which dont sound like too bad of a life to me). so we all started talking about beach women and what not haha. then we decided to turn off the headlights. everything turned purple. awesome. we ended up driving all the way to santa monica not going over 20mph the whole time. haha. looking at all the neon lights. "sooo pretty!!!" we got lost in santa monica for a while then finally found PCH again. i remember thinking of songs and how awesome they were, but i didnt want to hear music. i drove on the way back to the house. we got back as the sun was coming up. i have to say i had a really good time.

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