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A Perfect Day at the Beach

2 grams in seclusion

Having just finished my first grow operation I was eager to try some of the Cubensis, B+ strain in which I had freshly harvested a few days prior. My last few trips have been around people and I felt myself prepared to try one alone. I drove a bit to the ocean where I found a secluded state park with almost no one on the beach.  After eating 2 grams and washing it down with a soft taco from Taco Bell I sat and waited. I was advised by a friend that this strain takes a little longer than usual to get going but I was prepared none the less.

After sitting on a log for thirty minutes just sitting there and smoking my cigs nothing was really happening. At this point in the day a few people were walking up and down the beach but no one was close enough that I felt concerned. Thats when I decided to turn my mp3 player on and listen to some jams. Surely enough within twenty minutes after that I was starting to feel "Euphoric" I was so happy it felt more like fizzing on Ecstacy then shrooming. I wanted to talk to everyone and see how they were doing but instead I found another log and sat down and pulled out my pipe.

I didnt know or think that I would really feel anything above that so I decided I might as well get high. Sure enough right as my music player, set on shuffle, hit the song "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" I was zoned. The whole world at that point started changing and I was facinated by everything. At that point I continued up the beach still listening to music (It seemed detrimental to my health to take my headphones out). Sand dunes and debris on the ground looked like rainbow fish swimming underneath the sand. For almost two hours I walked the beach up and down, looking at the water, watching the birds, had some strong moments of peacefulness and really felt like one with the beach.

As the clouds moved a little darker I knew it was time to leave the beach. I had one last spiritual moment and right then I noticed a perfect sand dollar on the beach and upon picking it up felt it was like a gift. Obviously having spent so much time on the beach and took so much away from it, I gave my lighter (my only one in which I had used for everything). At that point I was feeling rather peaceful and too myself and started the journey home.

All and All it was a good day at the beach.

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