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my trip at a water park

an adventure and a learning experience

My mom planned this whole trip to this place for my birthday and to be honest i wasnt really thrilled. I dont like water parks or amusment parks to begin with so i decieded to make it a little more intresting. It turned out to be a really fun day, it was my birthday weekend and i bought an 8th as a little present from me to me. I had brought three friends and they bought some for themselves as well. From where i live the water park we were going to was like an hour long drive, when we got their the feast began in my cousins back yard (he lives near, and works at the park so he came along too). i downed my 8th with everyone else and chilled in my cuz's backyard for a bit which is like all woods as far as you can see. when we left i was starting to trip. at first my stomach was aching but on the car ride there i knew i was trippin because the passing trees looked so cool, like a warped mirror. when i was in the parking lot i could feel this sort of nervous feeling, everything was looking normal just brighter than usual. my cousin walked us straight up to the entrance past the incredible amount of people on line. man was i trippin in the park, it looked like a fucking freakshow! it wasnt a good feeling at all. Everyone was hideous looking and i felt really confused. I felt like everyone was looking at me, kinda like judgemental stage-frieght but much worse. after like 2 rides, which sucked cause it felt like it lasted for 2 seconds and the line took like 20 minutes, we decieded to go smoke a blunt(the park and the parking lot was huge, the place takes up a few acres so its out on the country where farms are). Leaving that place gave me a feeling of liberation and i was started to feel euphoric.  We found a pinic table that in the parking lot that was obscured by trees and bushes. After that blunt it was the best state of high i ever experienced. After trying to figure out what to do we just started walking somewhere. walking aimlessly we passed by a field of yellow and purple plants it was fucking awesome then we came to the end of the parking lot which led into some guys farm. i remeber looking up at the sky, it looked like a glass dome that surrounded the earth. i dont no where my cousin was at this point i didnt really care, i was actually kinda happy he was gone because i dont really like him. anyway we started to walk onto this guys farm and the ground felt like fuzz, there was endless green, a giant sprinkler in the distance spraying, and a machine that was making a really cool noise constantly. Amazed by this surreal looking landscape we layed down on the grass and stared into it. It was fucking MIND BLOWING, touching the grass, watching a little grashopper  jump around. probably the best part was when i closed my eyes. I was seeing insane patterns, crazy multi-color fusions, and impossible looking entities. i have no idea how much time i was there just looking into my eyelids but then when i got up i was only feeling a mild body high. me and my friend where talking about what we were seeing heading back into the park to tell my mom and aunt that we wanted to get the fuck out of there. They wanted to leave too so we were gone in no time. after that we chilled out my cousins house eating mad food and toking up. All and all it was great and i learned that water/amusment parks fucking suck, and the best place to trip out is a vast, open, and deserted field. Also that large groups of unknown people freak you the fuck out.

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