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My 1 Gram Level 1 Trip

Lipa Yai


I munced on 1 grams of very potent shrooms, I always drink like 3 pints of tea after eating shrooms with some cinnmon sticks in

after abit I started coming up nicely so I decided to sit outside after drawng afew pictures of mushies

I was looking up at the trees and seeing it wave around in the wind, then I looked at the tree and got some weird vibe I didnt like very much off the tree, Then it hit me in my thourts,

hey how do I know that feeling from the tree isnt the tree trying to communicat with me

It wad a willow tree some people say thay can communicat if you put your ears to them apprently it comes in thourt and images, thay are living also

then as I turned face down on the sun chare with my eyes closed thinkng about god and how this body is not really mine and im just really useing it then it will return to the earth

then as I lay face down on the sun chair, I laied my hand on to the ground and could feel all the dry leaves, grass and twigs

and i was thinking how the only thing separting me from the earths land was this sun chair and my hand was only touching the earth and connecting me to everything and everyone,as I feel the earths energy  Images of the land I tounched with my hand is connected to everything, all the countrys and all of earths land and all of earths people

on this bit of land my hand was touching, laying on this sunchair with earths 1G of gravity what is so weak  for all the earths mass

and I thourt how if everybody was to do this and relized countrys is not seperate and how the earth is one whole beatful thing and why is there war over the same lands,

 why cant people see around the world what Im seeing and I am doing and do the same

there should be a nationl holiday like that where people go out arounf the world and have a picknic and do asactly like I did and touch the ground and think as I did

people are diffrent but how diffrent did god really make them

how some people so ignorant to the most stupid thinngs#

I think some people ar born with there past life trates

thats why some people are just plaine evil, everybody knows somebody whos pure evil for no resons

Also I was thinking how im a pot head, and how cannabis is stoping me for visting family and icolations me off from vistiong

how I should try only smoke weekends or not at all

and how my thourts could really be my gardian angel talking to me and I should lisen to myself and my intuinons,

how do we know it is not, thay say that before to take an any action 2 secounds before you take action the brain sends the signal to do it already from the subconsious, we think our thourts are painly our own,

and how when ive never lisend to my intuentions im always been wrong when I take somebody elses advice then my intuinons

Also I felt grate after how I lisend and learned

hope this was insightful to anybody reading

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