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First Time

A bit of a dissapointment

I've always been interested in hallucinogens, most notably shrooms. So when I learned that people were dealing them at school, I jumped on the opportunity. I bought two grams, and proceeded to eat it before 5th period at 11:15. In around fifteen minutes I started feeling the buzz, and nausea. I walked to the nurse and got tums, which seemed to help, and then skipped class to hang out with my friends. I was laughing very easily and things felt pretty awesome, but I wasn't noticing any visual disturbances. My teacher apparently left the classroom to look for me and came and got me so I went back to class and proceeded to do nothing for the rest of the hour. I had slight tracers in my vision, and sometimes things seemed to move but I never really hallucinated. I felt very drunk without a loss of coordination, and my hands were always doing something. When it was time for lunch, I bought a roast beef sandwich, took a bite and threw it away, then a chicken sandwich and ate about half of it and threw it away. The shrooms seemed to affect the flavor to make it more vibrant but I don't think they made it tastier. I went to my 7th pd. next at around 1:15. I didn't pay any attention to what the teacher said but I was glued to my seat and I felt very high. Over the course of an hour it wore off and left me with a positive attitude, but dissapointed as well. 

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