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Hello my name in MagicMusicGirl.

Hello my name in MagicMusicGirl. Yesterday was my sister and mine first trip together. Ours was different, it was the essence of childhood things. It was the coming of ages decent into life. And it was ours.
As we realized that our mission was to find someone or something that was there to change us and was waiting patiently for our arrive, we decided to stop at blockbuster. Looking at all the movies and faces we had seen over the years, on boxes and magazine and t.v. shows, it hit us like a hammer on the head.
"Look at us," my sister said, "Look at us, looking at movies to watch life."
The thought in wrapped my body like a blanket. We were going to sit and watch other people do the things, we would never do if all we did was watch it. I was now on an imaginary couch staring off into the t.v. as I watched my sister and me pick out a movie and watch it. As I came back to reality I said, "Oh my, watch us watch life it's a fucking paradox. Let’s get the hell out of here." And we left. Left the empty store that sold us other peoples lives instead of life!

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