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Bad Trip in a good way =)


alright me and my friend bought some shrooms he picked them up and we both went back to my house. sence my dad was out for the week end we had the whole house by ourselfs.

we both started with an 1/8 and sat and watch tv for a little bit after about 10 or 15 minutes we didnt feel anything so we made a shroomwich.

so after i ate the soormwich i had to go pee i went to the bathroom and stood above the toilet looking at one of thoughs triangle towel hanger above our toilet and it just hit me all at ounce.it started like i was in a tunel and that towel rack was the light at the end of the tunnel and all these voices we telling me everthing about existance and when people talked it was like in chat room u see the chat bubbles and this was the first time i tripped this hard so i was kindda scared. but i started to run tarwds the light and everthing got so slow i was runing like .01 decimal faster than paused and it went like that forever and i mean forever and then the sounds started to turn to colors and about hafl way down the tunnel (and my trip) i got faster so fast that all light froze and i could see this like butifull frosen light sickels and after what felt like 2 eternities i got to the end of the tunnel there was this big door with a face on it and it asked me some riddles i dont remeber what exacly but it felt like it took a life to to figher out then i opend the door and just like that i pulled out of the tripp and woke up about 3 miles away from my house with my friend talking to the cloudes and eating grass. but i guess i went out side and started runing in slow motin ( my friend told me this becuse he wasnt as tripped up as me becuse he didnt finish his shroomwich) so i guse he folowed me while i ran in slowmotin for about 3 hours and tried and un succesfully ran the rest of the 3 hours until we got to this feild i guees my friend tryed to talked to me (the talking door was him i guess) but all i was saying was some shit about the 5th dimension and some wierd ass joke. but then i guess my friend got board and started to talk to cloudes. but we had to walk 3 miles home wich took about 5 or 6 hours to get there. but i dont care cus i found the rest of the sunshin crupled in my pockest never knew there was a pot of gold at the ed of a rainbow =)

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