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Cybers Self Healing Injection point lids

These are lids with self healing injection points. I use them for liquid culture jars.

I like to make liquid cultures firstand use them to inoculate my substrate. I have tried lots of methodsand this is what I have settled on. You will need

12 CanningJar Lids
1 small philips head screw driver
1 hammer
1block of wood
1 tube of RTV silicone gasket maker (Autopartsstore)

Lay one of the lids on the block of wood.

click for larger image

Put the screwdriver on in the center of the lid andhammer it through the lid

click for larger image

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Now you should have a hole through the lid

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Now take the tube of RTV Silicone

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and Fill the hole in the middle of the lid. You want to haveit spread around the hole as well.

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and do the bottom of the lid.

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You need to make sure it is spread out a little. This addsstrength to it when the jar is under pressure. When you pressure cookthe liquid culture to sterilize it, the contents heat up. as theycool the jar will seal and there will be a vacuum on the jar. If youdo not spread the RTV Silicone out it will just suck it through thehole.

You will need to do this to all 12 lids and let it setfor 24 hours so that the silicone can harden.

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