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Cybers WBS myco-bag Tek

Bulk Growing with Bags

Myco-Bags are auto-clavable filter patch bags that can be bought online at most mycology supply shops. The ones I use are the Large bags and run me about $0.25 each in a box of 100.

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So lets get started.

You will need some WBS (Wild Bird Seed)
In my case, I am using a 40 pound bag.

NOTE: I am using 40 pounds. If you want to do a small batch these bags hold between 3 and 4 quarts each. Just measure the amount you want into a bucket or pot.

I empty the bag into a large food grade bucket.

and add water

You want enough water to cover the WBS. Some of it will float, that is ok for now.

Put the lid on the bucket and let it set for at least 12 hours, 24 is better.

after 24 hours the grain has soaked up a bunch of the water. There is still plenty in the bucket, but the grain has been rehydrated.

Using a hand strainer we scoop it out of the bucket and put it into a colander in the sink.

Then rinse the grain with clean tap water. You want to rinse it until you get clear water out the bottom of the colander. This will remove the starches that have leached out of the grains. Once this is done we let it set for 10 to 15 min. This will allow the water to drain from the grain.

Using a scoop or measuring cup we put a little in the bottom of the bag to support the bag and hold it in the upright position for filling.

We then fill the bag to about 1/2 way to the filter patch.
(3 to 4 quarts/ 2.839 L -- 3.785 L)

Once the bag is full we fold the top under the bag and set it aside.

continue this process until all bags are full.

Once you have all the bags full you fold the tops over making sure to not fold past the filter patch. We then tape the tops closed with surgical tape.

We are now ready to pressure cook the bags and sterilize them. Loading your PC (Pressure cooker) may be different depending on the size of your PC and the size of the bags. I am using a 22 quart PC and large bags.

We start by placing 2 bags in the bottom of the PC and use 2 jar rings as separators ro make a little space between the bags.

Once these bags are in place we add the second layer of bags at a 90 degree angle to the first.

and place rings between then.

Once the PC is full, we add 4 quarts of water. Put a plate on top of the bags (to make sure they do not swell and plug the pressure release valves.

Now we put the lid on, turn on the stove, and pressure cook them for 2 hours! The timer begins once the PC has reached pressure and tempter. You will know it is at pressure when the giggler begins to giggle as the pressure exceeds 15psi.

Once it is done, let the PC cool down and de-pressurize. Once the PC is at room pressure you can open it up and begin to remove the bags.

We will remove the bags one at a time. We remove the tape holding them closed and unfold the top. Be careful, it is HOT!

Once the flap is open and while the bag is still hot. We seal them using a vacuum sealer. We are just using the sealing portion of the unit. There is no need to use the vacuum portion.

Once the bags are sealed we set them to the side to work on the rest.

We also put a piece of duct tape across the top of the bag to make sure that it does not pop open when we mix the contents up.

Once they are all done, we set them some place to cool. It can take up to 48 hours for the bags to cool. They need to be cool to the touch!

I like to put them in a rubber made container to get them out of the way.

We can use this time to get the inoculant ready to use.

These are hot inoculation syringes, AKA Liquid culture syringes.

That is live mycelia and should get things going quickly.

We remove the bags from where they were being stored and put a piece of surgical tape on the back of the bag across from the filter patch.
(You can see the tape just at the top of the picture.)

Then we mix the contents of the bag up by hand. This breaks up the WBS and makes it essayer for the mycelia to colonize.

Now we use a little alcohol. I like to keep it in a squirt bottle for easy dispensing.

We then take a cotton ball with alcohol on it and wipe the tape on the bag.

Then using our LC syringe we inject through the tape and put 6cc's of culture into the bag.

We then use another piece of surgical tape to cover the hole we just made with the needle.

Load them back into the storage place and wait for the mycelia to do it's job.

Once the bags are half colonized you can break it up by hand and mix up the contents of the bag. This will help it colonize faster. Before long they are ready to go.

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